Notes from God for A Woman’s Heart

An excerpt fromNotes from God for a Woman’s Heart , I am so excited to partner with the wonderful people at Warner Press once again. From their Care & Share the Heart of God line, these ministry booklets are going to not only offer an encouraging word but also make that encouragement affordable for almost everyone.

Never written with the intention to go public, I wrote these letters to myself over the years as I struggled with healing from the trauma of an abusive childhood, walking through a life threatening pregnancy and making the steps to reach a diagnosis of MS. These hand scribbled letters would make their way to the fridge but soon they made their way to friends’ inboxes and once they took off it was clear that these notes no longer belonged to me.

Over that period of time I learned something that I wish ever woman, man and child could learn . . . God longs to speak to us – we just need to slow down, quiet our thinking and let our thoughts rest on Him.

Letters from God

I’ve created you with great purpose and meticulous care. I see you right now, right where you are . . . yes.


My heart went into every detail of who you are you know. From the freckles on your nose to that little curl on your bangs that refuses to stay put when it’s raining. I’ve put my all into you. I love the way you walk, the way you talk and dance to that old song when you think no one’s looking. I see you.

I think it’s cute how you still put your hair in pigtails and watch cartoons on Saturday morning even though you have kids of your own. I know that even though you’re an adult you don’t feel like it. I know you don’t drink coffee because you like it but it makes you feel grown up.

Even with your flaws, I’m proud of how you turned out. I think I did an exceptional job. But it hurts my feelings when you think you aren’t enough. Because I think you’re wonderful. You’re some of my best work.

Don’t believe me? Wish I could show you. I signed my name on your heart.


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