Palms of His Hands: An Excerpt from Forever His


More from Warner Press’s Care and Share the Heart of God line. Forever His is a little-bitty encouragement book for all the young ladies in your life. Enjoy the excerpt and pass it on to your favorite girl. 🙂

“See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands . . .”

Isaiah 49:16


You play a very special role in God’s life. You’re His daughter, His pride and joy, the apple of His eye. He wants to give you the very best.

He loved you so much that He etched your name into the palms of His hands. He’s monogrammed His keychain with your initials. He’s framed your most embarrassing infant moments in His living room for all to see. As soon as someone walks into Heaven, He’s bragging on you. “Isn’t she lovely?” God smiles. “She’s talented. She’s funny. She won her fourth grade spelling bee.” And He still has your medal on display . . . and yes he makes everyone look at it.

The love of a father is a very powerful thing. It can comfort you when you fall. It can make you laugh when you feel more like crying. A father’s love will work a forty hour job that he hates because it helps the one he loves. It will drive a rusty old pickup truck so his princess can drive the sparkling new corvette. It will go without happily to see his child go with . . .

And that’s just a father with limitations. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do. Now, imagine the power of a father with no limits. There’s nothing he couldn’t do. God wants to give you everything and He’s got everything to give.

He doesn’t want you to settle for less and with God, you never have to.

When you doubt His love for you . . . just look on the palms of His hands.

You’re forever His.


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