He Called You By Name


I have always loved those little “Keep Calm” signs . . . and what better reason to cast your anxiety on Him? You’re His.

Speaking of being His, today I’d like to share another excerpt from Forever His: Encouragement for Young Women  with you. Pass it on to someone in your life who needs a reminder of their worth.

And if you need that reminder? Print it out for yourself. He loves you. You are AMAZING. You are HIS.

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1


Before the first beat of your heart, He called you by name. Before your features took shape, He touched your face. He filled your lips with your first words. Then, He laughed as you babbled upon the findings of their wonder.

His were the hands that held up your first bicycle as your parents let go with their own. His were the eyes that watched in pride as you took your first car for a spin around the block.

Before you walked, before you talked, before you came to know Him, He knew your every moment. From a first-born lamb to one lost from ninety-nine, He left the fold to find you. When you strayed, He climbed the mountain in your search. When you wondered, He wandered until He found you.

He loved you before He saved you. He knew you before you knew it. He etched your name on the back of His hands. Before you called Him Father . . . He called you by name.


His grace abounds you.

His hope surrounds you.

He loved you before the day He found you.

4 thoughts on “He Called You By Name

    • Amen! I love those verses! It’s so refreshing to see someone so young know her Bible. 🙂 Keep seeking His face. 🙂 I know He has a BIG purpose for your life!!

      I mentioned you to my editor today. I think we are short on posts for March for one of the ladies’ ministry sites I write for. Do you have any pieces you might want me to share with the owner?

      In Him,


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