Fight or Flight: Learning to Fly


Right before a butterfly emerges from her cocoon . . . she is in the fight of her life. The struggle to break free, to breathe, becomes so strong that it overtakes her. She thrashes her thin wings against the hard-to-budge home she’s created and suddenly her safety zone has become ground zero.

I wonder if she knows why she struggles.

Does she know that this very act of fighting for her life will actually save it?

It’s scientific fact. Without the fight she’s so desperately fighting now, her wings wouldn’t be strong enough to fly.

Medical experts say we have this same wonder enveloped within us. They call it “fight or flight” mode. It’s when our body fills with adrenaline . . . either giving us the strength to pull people to safety or gifting us with the courage, oxygen and life source we need to stay alive in a battle.

It totally amazes me that God places this within us. It is a testament to a Father who is truly a creator in every sense. It not only serves as a vital life saver for our body but also a spectacular reminder for our souls. “Faith without works is dead.” God says. Faith without action . . . can’t fly. But faith . . . set in motion – will take your breath away.

Next time you see a springtime butterfly flutter by your prized petunias . . . take a moment to appreciate the struggle that earned the caterpillar her wings. May her beauty stand as a constant reminder to your spirit.  When you thrash your wings against the bounds of life I pray that you will remember this . . .

When the circumstances in your life strike fear in your very being and you have settled in for the fight of your life . . . don’t stop fluttering those wings. Stay in action . . . stay in faith. When you do?

Soon you’ll break free and fly.

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