When the World Was Flat: Understanding the Warm Fuzzies of God’s Grace

Boo Monsters Inc

When the world was flat . . .

There were no grand adventures. Sailing too far meant falling off the face of the planet. Life as we knew it was confined to one humble piece of dirt. That was until adventurers such as Christopher Columbus and Magellan had the courage to challenge the idea that our God made things anything less than 3D.

Back when the world was flat – the world wasn’t REALLY flat at all. Instead it was simply limited to what we could see with our human eyes. The REAL picture was from God’s eye view, a round world majestically painted with swirls of blue, green and white.

Indeed our world is no longer “flat,” but that doesn’t stop us from putting limits on everything else we see.

Just last week, Jack fell in love with the movie Monsters Inc. The movie is kind of old and they just don’t make many toys of the characters anymore. So I thought I’d make Jack a few with the felt I had in the craft box. I laid out the pattern and Jack proceeded to cry uncontrollably that he wanted to pick up the pattern . . . really, really bad.

I tried to explain to him that the pieces weren’t ready. The little monster teddy bear didn’t have stuffing. He was just a little teddy bear shell. Without the finishing touches this bear was simply flat. But try reasoning with a two year old who wants what he wants and wants it NOW. So he picked it up anyway and all the little bear pieces tumbled onto the floor.

“I broke it!” he sobbed, his little face red with both frustration and sadness. I scooped him up, then the pieces. A few hours later Jack had a little teddy bear monster that didn’t fall apart when he picked it up, stuffed softness and stitched with loving kindness.

When I made this little teddy monster, God spoke to my heart and revealed to me that sometimes I too think what I’m praying for will work even if it’s “flat.” I want God to fix my problems NOW, right NOW; just the way I WANT them fixed.

I’m not willing to accept waiting patiently. In fact, most of the time I wail, “God, just give it to me now! I see you making it – I want to hold it. Can I have it now? PLEASE?!” And sometimes I’m not even that graceful about it. Even though I don’t say it out loud, I know He hears my spirit when it rebels against all that I know is good and right, saying “FINE, Lord. FINE.”  My arms crossed, my bottom lip out fat, my face red with frustration and sadness.

I wonder how many times I’ve swatted His hands as He created the perfect answer to my prayers. How many times have I hindered His goodness because I limit it to one dimension?

As we wait on the Father’s hands and watch as He crafts the things our hearts desire, we must remember to be patient with the One who makes all things good. He loved us too much to give us a flat world. And He loves us too much to give us a flat blessing . . . he wants to give us a FAT blessing. He wants there to be stuffing for soul snuggling and stitching for when life is tempted to unravel.

When we want more than anything to take the answer to our prayers from His hands before it’s ready, may we remember what it was like when the world was flat…

And choose instead to wait patiently on a God who makes nothing but soul snuggling blessings stitched with loving kindness and fashioned as nothing less than everything we need.

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