A Borrowed Tomb: The Gift of the Borrowed Life

Our Lord and Savior . . . Born amongst the animals and hidden from Herod. Died amongst the thieves and labeled with a sign of mockery. Laid within a borrowed tomb – inscription Here lies Joseph of Arimathea. The man who came to die for our sins never had anything on which to sign His real name. There was no […]

The Bucket List Prom: Happy Heaven Day, Katelyn Norman

I do not know her personally, but when I read the story of the lovely 14 year old Katelyn Norman my heart sank. She recently celebrated prom, one of the check boxes on her bucket list. Katelyn was far too young to have a bucket list. Her breathtakingly beautiful face, her courage, her attitude . . . […]

What’s Your Cross List: The Editorial Jesus

  Today on Good Friday we are supposed to turn our eyes towards heaven and reflect on the death of our Savior. But every Good Friday I can’t help but think of His life. I see a man so perfect that He never sinned. I see a girl so imperfect that she sinned . . […]

A Note to the Broken Girl

Has anyone ever hurt your feelings so bad that it hurt to breathe? Made you feel like so much less than enough? Made you wonder if they were really who you thought they were? Made you question something as simple as the way you part your hair, the freckles on your face or the very […]

Modern Day Nineveh: Is America Hungry for God?

  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6 NIV   Have any of you caught the Bible Miniseries yet? It is FABULOUS and it has become an instant hit much to the surprise of Hollywood. This brings back to mind The Passion of the Christ. A […]

What to Do When You Have Fallen in a Big Old Puddle of Messed-Up-Big-Time

  What is going on in your world today? What is that BIG thing that is really weighing on your heart?  It’s dragging you down. It’s making you feel unworthy. It’s making you question your commitment to what you’ve been called to do. When you fail behind closed doors you feel like a phony . . […]