The Who Inspires You Series: A Letter From Heaven

Letters from Heaven

Have you ever known someone who shone so bright they just burst across the sky?

They lit up the world with awe and wonder in one gentle swoop.

They made you stop, take notice and think . . . “WOW. Did you see that?!” you ask. “It was SPECTACULAR.”

That was the perfect definition of Chrissie, a little girl I met many years ago through a children’s charity. She loved people. She was content even in her own troubles. Wherever she went people took notice. They marveled at the child who could be so caring for others even in her own sickness. She was joyful, brilliant, adorable . . . full of God’s goodness.

She was a shooting star amongst the ordinary.

She CHANGED things.


She CHANGED my family.

I am so thankful that God gave me the gift of knowing her if only for a little while.

How amazing are these people who come into our world so fleeting, their message so very strong it needs no introduction! It doesn’t take but one glimpse and suddenly we will always remember when and were we were when we saw it light up the night sky.

I will never forget Chrissie. I will never forget her kind, silly spirit. I will always miss hearing what is going on in her world. I miss opening my inbox and being surprised by a random e-card or message from her.

After Chrissie went to live in her hot pink Heaven mansion . . . her mom and I became really close. She is one of my very best friends in the world. I hear Chrissie’s kindness and gentleness in her mother’s voice. I see where Chrissie got her character from – how much they both cared for others genuinely even when they too were going through their own troubles.

I got to thinking tonight. I wonder what it would be like if Heaven had a post office. I know I won’t know for sure what Heaven is like for Chrissie until I get there too but if she could peek through the clouds and drop a letter on my doorstep — I think it would look a lot like this . . .


It’s me, Chrissie. I wanted you to know I am OK. I wanted you to know that God is REAL and GOOD and HOLY. I wanted you to know that He loves you. I wanted you to know that Heaven is WONDERFUL. That God is silly and Jesus has a great sense of humor.

Wanna hear something funny? He lets me braid his hair. Yesterday I put blue bows in it . . . John thought that was awfully funny. Jesus smiled and then asked me to braid John’s hair – and to not forget to put in a few daisies. To make sure they were pink.

Do you know what God sounds like? He’s BIG and booming but somehow soft and gentle all at once. He also makes a jingling sound . . . because I beaded Him a half hundred bracelets. He likes them very much. He wears them everywhere. In fact, if you are every praying and you here a clanking noise that’s Him bringing your miracle.

Please tell my Mom to be happy – you know I always said that. Please pray for her and when you do know I talk to God about her every day. Remind her that she is beautiful and that she has great purpose. Tell her every day that she’s loved. Tell her to hold fast to what I could always grasp so easily . . . life is temporal. That’s OK. Because life beyond the temporal is ETERNAL and worth the wait. I think every parent left behind should know that, you know. That it is NOT gone away . . . just gone AHEAD.

Sending all my love, peanut butter crackers and kisses from every slobbery puppy in heaven,


Today is Chrissie’s Heaven-versary . . . please help us honor her memory in your own special way.

Chrissie 001

Pick a flower – give it away.

Pet a puppy.

Be a friend.

Be kind.

Eat a pancake.

Live joyfully . . .

And say a prayer for Chrissie’s mom. I know one little girl who would really appreciate it.

*Do you have a child in your life who is wonderfully unique like Chrissie? Read Chrissíe’s Shell at your local library or pick up your own copy here to remind your special someone God made them spectacular.

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