The March of the Ants

Ants carrying leaves


While the ant is one of the smallest species in the animal kingdom, it has one of the biggest abilities in all creation. That little guy can lift fifty times his body weight. That would be like you lifting two hippos . . . one on each arm!

If that little ant ever stopped too long to consider his shortcomings . . . he’d probably never have figured out that he could haul such a big load! Boy . . . there is an awful lot that we can learn from these little ants! We spend too much of our lives thinking about doing the impossible than we do actually trying to achieve it!

“My dream is too big.” We moan. “My circumstances are too heavy. I can’t do it. I can’t be anything!”

But . . . how do you know . . . really? How do you know that you aren’t equipped just like that little ant – to go bigger, to dream louder, to be stronger than anything you ever imagined? Your dreams are not impossible. Jesus said “With me ALL things are possible.”

If you’ve ever watched a tiny seed-sized ant carry an autumn leaf across the ground, you’ve witnessed the beauty of seeing through God’s magnifying glass. You’ve witnessed the impossible. You’ve observed the view from the eyes of your Maker.

When God looks at you He sees you through His magnifying glass too. It makes you bigger than you think you could ever be, stronger than you could ever hope to grow and more capable than you could ever imagine. In the eyes of God you can do anything you set your mind to. The catch? You just have to be bold enough to see yourself through His eyes.

Stop looking at that dream on the picnic table and thinking about how hungry you are. Instead, get to work and pick it up! It might just be that the impossible is doable after all.


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