The Man in the Middle


Though he was born in the middle of the manger and died in the middle of a cross . . .

The stuff in the middle of His life . . . really counted too.

Jesus was always sticking Himself in the middle. His touch came between the man and his leprosy. His hands drew in the dirt to be the barrier between the adulterous woman and the angry crowd.

He came down from heaven to live amongst us in the middle. We regular, ordinary, everyday people on a planet suspended between good and evil. He came to us as the middle man. He stood between us and sin. He bridges the gap between humanity and our Creator. . . . but He also stands between us and our problems.

When you are down on your luck, when life is staring you in the face and you are scared to face up to your circumstances . . . take heart.

Jesus is the man in the middle.

2 thoughts on “The Man in the Middle

  1. As I read this, I am remembering the stained-glass cross that lined the front wall of my childhood church. Jesus on the cross with the words, “Come, Tarry, Go” inscribed beneath his feet. As I consider your words and Christ’s “middle”, I’m thinking that the tarrying is where grace is most easily seen, felt, absorbed. How grateful I am for the “middle” of God! I’m also grateful for your kind support.

    Blessings, sister.

    • I love stained glass windows. They are so beautiful! Many years back I was going to take a job as a youth minister in a really small church in VA. They are known for their historical stained glass windows. They were so amazing! It didn’t work out – we couldn’t sell our house to make the move. But I think about those windows often. You are such an inspiration, Elaine. I think that the internet is the best place for ministry – I mean, where else are women so honest with each other. I think God has given you a great voice and I know He is using it to help many . . . me included. I am simply blown away by your journey. It is so real, so awe-inspiring. Thank you for stopping by! Email me anytime, Elaine. I could certainly use another mentor in my life! 🙂

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