MeeGeniuns: Five New Releases For Summer 2013


I am excited to announce that I am partnering with Meegenius on five new titles. So for all of you brave moms who let your toddler play with your iPhone, iPad or Nook despite the fact they are covered in cookie and mystery goop . . . I will be hanging out in your tech gadgets sometime around Summer of 2013! I will likely also be making a few appearances on their teacher’s blog.

This is cool on many levels! Meegenius has been featured in People, on 60 Minutes and even praised by Oprah. Does any one else have the urge to say “And . . . A-CAR-FOR-YOUUUU-AND-YOU-AND-YOUUUU?” No? That was just me? 🙂 But most of all, I just really miss writing for kids. It’s been a few years. Picture books, in the paper and ink sense, have slowly began to go digital to meet the needs of today’s kids . . .

Which I finally fully grasped when my children stopped tattling on each other and started texting me things like “Mom, Alex won’t give me my _________.”

The following is a little bit about each title. Special thanks to all the great people behind Meegenius who make reading fun. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team!

Peanut and the Library Turtle:

I LOVE the library. I used to skip class to go to the library . . . is that nerdy or what?! Well, Peanut is a little squirrel who has no one to play with until an old turtle moves in to the Warbly Wood. He has so many great stories about cats in hats and little boys who walk to where the sidewalk ends. Not only does Peanut find a friend he loves. He discovers another thing he really loves too . . . reading!

Spella Witcherella:

Yes. You heard that one right. I’m not normally the Halloween writer. But I have always struggled to find Halloween books that fit for our Christian family. This is a Halloween release but this little witch isn’t your average witch. She is a witch who isn’t into witchery at all. She spends her time baking cupcakes in the family cauldron and replacing potions with lavender perfume! Spella’s two sisters are witches through and through. They think Spella is a little weird. But normal is overrated right? My husband and I spent many nights tossing around ideas for Spella and her sisters when I was SUPER pregnant with our son Jack. So this one is close to my heart. And I think kids will really enjoy Poof. Spella’s pet spider who is never seen without his pink tutu.

The Frog Princess:

A spin on the older-than-dirt-knight -in-shining-armor stories this green, slimy  frog eating princess doesn’t need saving! She likes being a frog just fine thank you very much! When handsome suitors come from near and far to kiss her turning her into a beautiful princess – she doesn’t appreciate that. But one suitor has a very interesting suggestion of how they can both live happily ever after!

First Graders Know EVERYTHING:

Do you have a kindergartner ready to be one of the big men on campus (the elementary campus that is)? This title will celebrate your child’s step up the ladder. 🙂 When you are little first grade is a BIG deal! And besides first graders know everything! They have also graduated from eating their boogers – though some haven’t quite yet stopped picking them yet. 🙂

Moo Moo Achoo!:

Sneezing and wheezing and coughing . . . oh my! Have you ever wondered what a day at the zoo would sound like if all the animals had allergies or asthma? Well you are about to find out! If you have a child with asthma or allergies, Moo Moo Achoo addresses the scary stuff and makes it fun. So many kids have asthma out there and I am a mom who knows a thing or two about breathing machines, albuterol and being steriod-ed to the moon! Many nights this is what I would turn to during an asthma attack with our son. It kept him calm. It made asthma special not weird. So for all you other families with wheezers, sneezers and hackers . . . I would like to officially welcome you all to Club Moo Moo Achoo!

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