What to Do When You Have Fallen in a Big Old Puddle of Messed-Up-Big-Time



What is going on in your world today? What is that BIG thing that is really weighing on your heart? 

It’s dragging you down. It’s making you feel unworthy. It’s making you question your commitment to what you’ve been called to do. When you fail behind closed doors you feel like a phony . . . a fake. You wonder if people really knew what was behind your church face if they would still like you. 

Lies. Lies. Lies. They are all lies. No matter what face you paint on for the world (we ALL have a church face – even your pastor!) and no matter what you tripped on (and we ALL trip) –  Whether you simply stumbled and caught yourself or have landed in a big old puddle of I-really-hope-no-one-sees-me-doing-_______-especially-not-my-Jesus . . .  look around. You are in good company!

David was an adulterer and a murderer! Job was in desperate need of a counselor and perhaps a prescription. Samson was lured by lust. Sarah gave up on God and gave her husband to her servant! Noah got wasted! Judas got greedy! Joseph got mad at Mary before he knew the truth. Jonah got himself swallowed up by the whale!

We should never try to do things that make us slip off the path God paved for us. But if we do we should always remember these flawed characters in the book that God wrote HIMSELF. He loved them enough to tell us their story!

He told us about them because He knew we were much like they were . . . a big hot mess. He wanted us to know that He can use imperfect people. He wanted us to stop letting the devil tell us we aren’t worthy. He wanted us to know that we should pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and remember that Jesus didn’t die for a bunch of perfect people with no hairs out of place . . . He died for us. Messy, sloppy, sinful, dirty, US. 

Whether it is life that has broken you or your own actions that have left you with someone you no longer recognize – you haven’t actually hit rock bottom . . . you’ve just been placed on the potter’s wheel. You are in the creative hands of the Most High God. And lucky for you and me — He loves a fixer upper.

Don’t believe me? He’s carved it out for you on the palms of His hands . . . 

Perfect Him + Imperfect You = Forever and Always!



2 thoughts on “What to Do When You Have Fallen in a Big Old Puddle of Messed-Up-Big-Time

  1. This is such a great reminder, Brooke. I am often an all-or-nothing kind of girl. If I mess up, my first thought is often, ‘you are such a dud…you just need to get out of ministry’. Especially when I mess up with my family. I feel like they think I’m a hypocrite. We all mess up and this was a timely reminder for me.

    • Leah, sweet friend, when it comes to all or nothing . . . I totally understand! Messing up with our families is SO easy and sometimes we do it before we even know it. It’s so easy to be the, messy, ugly, old us when we are in our comfort zone. So you are certainly not alone there! I do it too. And then I think “How can I do what I do and be like am I?!” But each time, we learn a little more about God’s grace. We pick ourselves up and carry on.

      You are so anointed, Leah. And I think that comes on SO strong because God knows that when you do mess up . . . you fess it up and it helps bring others out of their own messes. THAT . . . is the kind of person God wants to use! 🙂 I am eternally grateful to call you friend because you speak REAL life. And that’s what Jesus did.

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