He’s Alive!



This week I want to take some time to reflect on the amazing sacrificial love that my Savior has shown to me. It is a love that I certainly do not deserve. I am a modern day Judas. No matter how I grow in His wisdom, I will ALWAYS be His beloved and His betrayer all at once.

And even still . . .

Not only did He live for me . . . He died for me.

He died so that I might live and live my life to the fullest! I look around me and I realize His promises are real and true. My husband who has taught me more about God’s love than he will probably ever know, my children who watch me fall but never look down on me, the honor and humbling gift of being trusted with His message, good friends who love me even though I am just a wee tad nutty, sometimes moody, sometimes self-indulgently whiney, the blessing in disguise of learning to waltz with medical problems, real-life-stuff of the past and realizing it’s nothing but the glue that binds me even CLOSER to God’s side.

My life has been filled with good things.

Thinking of what He endured makes my heart so heavy. Oh, to hug His neck and tell Him how very thankful I am! For giving His life for mine, for my husband’s, for my children’. For all the years He has carried me. But I know right now I can’t do that just yet. I have too much left to do here and I must finish the race set before me. But one day, when my work here is done I am sure of one thing. When heaven welcomes me inside I want to pay Him back for all the years He held me tightly within His arms by embracing Him with MINE.

Oh what a grace we have been shown that even while we were sinners our Savior loved us more than enough . . . loved us ALL more than enough . . . to lay it all down.

He died. He was buried. Then He rocked the world when He rolled away the rock. Praise God for the gift of faith, mercy and a grace nobody has to earn! But most, most of all . . . praise God for the gift of His friendship. It is intimate and wonderful. A love, best described by a mother of five, as a love that STICKS like peanut butter to a rug. You can’t remove it . . . not with anything. Not even a jack hammer and a small stick of dynamite!

Happy Easter Week, everyone! I can’t help but hear Mary Magdalene say “He’s not here! They have taken his body!” And smile ear to ear as the story unfolds . . . “Woman, why do you weep?” Enter Jesus, Lamb of God, living Savior.

“He’s alive! He’s alive!” My God is not dead! Praise God . . . My Savior lives!


2 thoughts on “He’s Alive!

  1. this is so beautiful! it made me teary-eyed! wow, amazing, you’re a mother of 5! praise God for you! it’s a difficult task, but praise God, the Lord reigns in your life! 🙂 i’m so blessed by this!

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