A Note to the Broken Girl


Has anyone ever hurt your feelings so bad that it hurt to breathe? Made you feel like so much less than enough? Made you wonder if they were really who you thought they were? Made you question something as simple as the way you part your hair, the freckles on your face or the very fiber of your innermost being?

I have found myself there before. In that place where I could crawl in a hole and be quite happy to never come out. Have you ever been there – that place where you stay in your pajamas for ten days, eat chocolate and basically feel sorry for yourself? I think we have all been here. I have had people poke fun at me . . . and then poke fun at my God – I think the latter hurts most of all.

Why are people so cruel? It seems those we love the most can cut us the deepest. What makes people’s hearts harden, even if for a moment? Perhaps they just don’t know any better. How, after all, can you truly love someone unconditionally if you have never known the real and true relationship of the One who defined unconditional love?

I find myself in that place tonight. Where it hurts to breath and all I want to do is sit in my Snuggie and let my hair slowly resemble a nest for squirrels. But I know this is the very essence of real life. People are going to let us down. They are going to let God down. I know I too have let Him down SO many times. But maybe it just comes down to what King David said ‘Don’t put your confidence in men . . . joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper . . . He keeps every promise forever.”

When people let you down, lie to you, hurt you, make you feel this big – God fails not. His compassions are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness and His grace. For His grace is enough . . . and you know what . . . you are enough too.

4 thoughts on “A Note to the Broken Girl

  1. Oh mercy, I can so identify with this post…and recently. You don’t expect those who love you to hurt you so deeply, yet it happens. And the worst thing is that I have been guilty of hurting those I love in this same way. Ugh! It makes me long for heaven all the more. Beautiful, transparent and convicting post, my friend.

    • Bless you, sweet friend. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been picking through the broken pieces too this week. And you aren’t alone on the guilt of hurting those you love either. Sometimes I feel the Israelites . . . I know I’m supposed to learn something here! lol Sometimes when I least expect it “old me” rears her ugly head. It’s like a giant game of Whack-a-Mole I play with myself on occassion! 🙂 I’m so glad He loves me WARTS and ALL.

    • same here! praise God for women like you who are very transparent. I too have found myself in that lonely, brokenhearted place. Praise God for He binds the brokenhearted. I may still feel the pain, but the bleeding will stop soon. My heart is in His hand.

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