My God Remembers

  “See. I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49:15 My God remembers who you are. My God knows the pain that envelops your heart. My God knows the loneliness that creeps in when the moments are too quiet and the day has been too long. […]

MS Awareness Week: Have You Danced Today?

  I ran across this devotional I wrote before I was diagnosed. In honor of MS Awareness Week I wanted to share it with ya’ll. If I could go back and talk to myself back then I think I would say one thing. “Don’t worry. Be joyful. God supplies perfect joy even when life isn’t […]

A Love Letter to My Little One

  Little one,           Full of grace,                    Child of my heart . . .                              Child of my Father.   When I look at you, I see everything that is good and holy. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh each handcrafted by heaven – What an amazing gift you are! When the world gets […]

Overcoming the Grass is Greener Syndrome

  In farm country, where I am from, cattle are often marked. They aren’t marked for vanity with tiny little cow tattoos. They are branded for their own good.  As far as the general rule of farming . . . it is customary to sell the cows for their beef or their hyde – farming […]

Join me on CBN Today!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Join me today on CBN for one of my favorite devotionals about life beyond the grave. I am eternally grateful to the good people at the station for their longtime friendship. I am always humbled that they trust me enough to share the heart of Jesus with their audience year after year. A special […]

Overcoming Change: Let go, Let God

  One thing my MS has meant in my life is learning to let go. And I am not a “let it go” girl. I don’t let go easily. When something happens in my life I often toil over it. Just ask my husband . . . telling me to let it go is basically […]