Count Jackulla: Coming to an iPod, Nook or Kindle Near You This Fall



Join MeeGenius and I this October for an exclusive partnership and some pumpkin-time-fun with a pumpkin-sized-purpose! 

When Jack and his family move to suburbia he just wants to fit in . . . but let’s face it – a little vampire waltzing into second grade just flat out stirs things up! The more Jack tries to fit in the worse things get – until he meets a little green dude named Hankenstein. Together Jackula and Hankenstein discover “a friend loveth at all times”. And maybe even better – why fit in when you can stand out?


Count Jackula was lots of fun to write. Special thanks to my little muse Jack Rabbit, toddler, son, coloring-his-own-face-with-marker, power-wheel-in-the-house-rider extraordinaire. You have ALWAYS marched to the beat of your own drummer!

Count Jackula marches to his own drum too.

You all may notice that I occasionally do a Halloween release much like Count Jackula. I have always really liked Halloween. I know that is kind of foreign for a Christian girl. Every Halloween book I have ever written has been based around a Bible verse. While you aren’t likely to see the verse printed by any general audience publishing house please know they are woven in between the lines. 

Things like Trick or Trunk, church harvest parties and the like of them have served as great witnessing tools over the years. Thus, when it comes to Halloween and other make-believe-things I think that they can serve as great teaching tools if you let them. I’ve spent a lot of time at CBN writing about the works of C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling. If you too love Halloween but can’t figure out how to talk to your children about fantasy movies and books check out this article

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