Peace for the Pieces


Colorful broken pieces in every shape and hue lie shattered on a dirty cement floor . . .

I see you struggling to pick them up alone.

I call to you from right behind your shoulders, “Here, let Me.” But you can’t hear Me. The pain is too deep. Your faith too small. I watch in sorrow as you cut your hands on the jagged edges of a heartache that is far too great for you to handle, far too complex for you to understand.

I whisper again “Come to Me.” Yet you are so consumed in your pieces that you can’t comprehend My peace.

You long only to put your broken pieces back together the way they were, but I know that after circumstances, situations and heartbreaks, life happens . . . and  the pieces will never fit together the same way again.

I see a jumbled mess of purpose, of color and light reflecting from the concrete . . . a beautiful mosaic of majesty and grace.

Today I call to you, “Give Me your pieces for My peace.” Lift your hands. Let Me bind your wounds . . .

Then let Me rock your world.

An artist at heart, child, if you could only see the masterpiece I am creating in you. . .

Your colors are brilliant and your pieces are flawless. I’m working on something new and while things will never be the same . . .

You’ll soon see it’s a beautiful thing.



*Excerpt taken from Notes from God for the Woman’s Heart from Warner Press’ Care and Share the Heart of God ministry line.

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