Forever His Excerpt: For Such a Time as This



This has been a rough week – irregular blood tests, missing MRI’s and relapses – oh my! I have to admit that sometimes my MS gets the best of me. Sometimes I am tempted to crawl in bed and stay there. Sometimes I can’t help but really get upset when I can’t do something that I used to be able to do so easily.

Yes – Sometimes I am tempted to think that my MS defines me. And like my friend Susie says . . . maybe MS DOES define us. But maybe that isn’t so bad.

My MS makes me understand the suffering of other’s more intimately. It reminds me to not take the little things for granted. It has revealed to me the unchanging and unconditional love of my family. It has made me see that even at my very, very worst . . . we seven are stronger than we ever knew . . . and when we aren’t? God is strong enough for all of us.

This is one of my favorite bible stories and an excerpt from my new book Forever His: Encouragement for Young Women. It is directed towards younger women but I think the message resonates with women of all ages. Today I am ministering to myself, but maybe to some of you other girls out there. This may be one of the most challenging seasons of my entire life . . . but God never ceases to remind me – I have been called for such a time as this – and you, my friend, you have too.

Whether you struggle with MS like I do, or maybe something entirely different like cancer, divorce, loss or simply feeling like you aren’t enough . . . I believe God has called us ALL for such a time as this.


For Such a Time as This


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”

Isaiah 55: 8


Has God ever lead you to do something that required you to give up something dear to you?

If you are going through such a time as this, Ester would have understood your inward debate perfectly. While she was a mighty queen, Ester had a secret that could have gotten her dethroned – possibly even killed. Underneath her crown, beneath her beautiful majestic robes she was a Jew.

Now during this time, Ester’s people were at risk for being put to death simply for being of Jewish descent. This all put Ester in quite the predicament. There were only two possible outcomes for an act of bravery of this magnitude . . .

She could . . .

a.              Set her secret free and save her people


b.              Set her secret free and go down with the ship.

She almost didn’t do either one until a man named Mordecai came along and gave her the council she so desperately needed. Looking at Mordecai Ester sighed, “A girl could lose her crown in such a time as this.” But glancing back at Ester, Mordecai unexpectedly answered with the wisdom of God’s profound grace as he said, “Well, perhaps, Ester, God gave you the crown for such a time as this.”

If it weren’t for Mordecai, Ester could have let such a wonderful opportunity slip by, the opportunity that so miraculously saved her people, the opportunity of a lifetime to faithfully serve her God.

Perhaps God has come to you like He came to Ester. Maybe He’s asked you to reach out to a person at school with no friends to their name. “But I’m finally hanging with the in-crowd” you say or “I’ll REALLY be considered a dweeb if I start eating lunch at that table.”

Like Ester, you will find it hard to grasp, but it’s in these moments God wants you to stop considering losing all you’ve worked so hard for and to start considering that maybe, just maybe, this is what you’ve worked so hard for.  Perhaps God has brought you right here in this moment for such a time as this.

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