Jesus Wrote YOU a Note: Click Here to Read It


I know you know I see you when you do things that are not right. Even more I know that you think this makes you less to Me. You seem to think you are too far gone to come to me sometimes – even though your heart knows different. So instead of coming right to Me so I can clean you up you just keep getting dirtier until you resemble Pigpen. When the dirt weighs you down too much . . .

You come home again.

I know you don’t come to Me not because you don’t want to but because you are ashamed. I want you to know you don’t need to be tidy to walk with Me. In fact some of my best friends and close family did some really UGLY things too. You’ve never done anything that I have not seen others do before.


David was a killer – and an adulterer.

Peter denied he even knew Me.

Saul traveled the Road to Damascus to help get me crucified.

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.

Judas hung himself.

Noah was a drunk.

Thomas doubted My words.

Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.

Moses had an anger management problem.

Sarah told Abraham to make a baby with her servant – He was just crazy enough to do it.

Even at your worst – nothing you can do can make Me love you more or less. I don’t want you to do bad things. In fact, I hate sin. But hating sin doesn’t mean I hate you. Dirty, warty or having an ugly-moment . . .

You are beautiful to Me. And nothing you can do can separate you from My love for you.




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