What Happens in the Play Pen

What happens in the play pen


You are looking at what appears to be two brothers about to be hugging it out in a play pen. But what you didn’t see was the five seconds before the shot.


Big brother was busted pushing little brother into the play pen netting because either a) Ben did something he did not like or b) Ben touched a toy deemed not-for-anyone-but-Jackson or c)Jack simply thought no one was looking.

I can just hear Jack whispering in Ben’s little ear in a mobster style voice “What happens in the play pen stays in the play pen . . . right?” Cue the unforgettable scene of the torn off stuffed horsy’s head in some kind of three year old version of the God Father.

This kind of reminded me of all those commercials you see on TV about Vegas. “What happens in Vegas . . . stays in Vegas.” I think that might be the single most misleading ad line in the history of ad lines . . . unless you count Jogging in a Jug.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas . . . it follows people around. It leaves the hotel with them. It gets in their car. It boards the plane. It stinks up the cab. It oozes into their home. It ruins marriages. It hurts families.

I wish television told us more about the ugly side of sin. It shows us the glamorous lives of beautiful girls who tell Pretty Little Lies, it shows us women with Client Lists, it shows us snazzy dressed Entourages . . . but what we don’t see is the flat out ugly, seething, oozing, nasty ending of sin. And rest assured, no matter how pretty the outside of sin is packaged it always ends the same ugly, warty, no-good way.

The book of Luke tells us that everything done in the dark will be brought to the light. There is no where we can hide from our sins. They will eventually bite us in the butt. And when they do they won’t just hurt us they will hurt those around us. Sin will always catch up with us. It is better to instead beat sin at its own game and instead of waiting for it to be discovered, put it in our hands, lift it up to God and ask Him where to put it.

Do you make excuses for sinful behavior? Is it ok if no one’s looking, someone mistreated you or you simply don’t see the harm? If so, look again . . . just like Jack and Ben and the little story of the play pen – you might just realize that your eyes aren’t the only one’s watching. No sin goes unnoticed.

Whether you have messed up big time or just fallen off the wagon, the Lord is faithful to forgive our sins if we only ask. The great thing about exposing sin is that it frees us from hiding. The dark can’t live where the light shines. Whatever mistakes you have made today, give it to God – be set free then let the healing follow you around . . . let it flow into your family, cover your spouse and children. Let the unforced rhythm of grace bind your wounds. Heal together. Because together God can help you make something beautiful out of your mess.

Hand God your sin today. He has a special little place of His own that is well known for staying put. What goes in the Sea of Forgetfulness . . . stays in the Sea of Forgetfulness.


6 thoughts on “What Happens in the Play Pen

  1. before I scrolled down to the comments section, my first response was, “oh, WOW” (just like Leah, I think anyone who has ever walked this path, and experienced God’s forgiveness, would feel the same, oh wow)……your last sentence nails it. I will have to share this post, how can I not share…..oh, wow.

  2. Ah…beautiful. I love the picture of holding our sin up to God and “asking where to put it”…and then it really stays in the “sea of forgetfulness”…clever. Keep up the good writing! Thanks for the visit to my blog and the follow:)

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