Ignorance in the Wake of Tragedy


Am I the only one frustrated with the comments they have been reading on the latest tragedies? Things like . . . “Iran earthquake God’s response to Boston bombing.” These kind of comments are just as hurtful as those horrible signs people misguidedly hold up next to establishments, happenings, celebrations where people are hurting the most. I am a firm believer God hates no one. All God hates are those signs. 

Why are we feeding the hate? We are Christians. God’s people. Called to love . . . Each. And. Every. Person. Race. Religion. We are the face of Christ to a hurting world. 

God hearts Boston.

God hearts Iran.

God loves those in sneakers. God loves those in turbans. If there are people with meatball toes and spaghetti hair . . . God loves them too. Same goes for people made of salami. If He made it . . . He loves it. 

There is evil in every color. There is evil in every creed. There are evil deeds done that people hope they can redeem by slapping a religion sticker on the side of it. Please, let’s not be so quick to judge people. Let’s leave God to that. Right now I think He is a little occupied loving people.

So what do I say here. I don’t know. But I think the youngest hero in Boston said it better than I EVER could in the poster he held up in that now famous photograph. 



Boston we are still praying. Iran we are praying for you too.


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