Guest Post: The Wisdom Filled Words of a Bestie



Today I want to share with you something from my best friend Melody. I have never been the kind of person to be star-struck by anyone famous. But I have always thought that she had famous faith. She has the kind of inspirational view of life that leaves you star struck. I am proud to call her friend.

Here is a bio on Melody, her story follows:

Melody’s a single woman in her late 50’s who embraces life and savors its vast array of treasures. She dances thru much of her life from a wheelchair, with a trusty, joyful service dog by her side. Together, with Him, all things are possible.

How often do we pray – earnestly pray, earnestly seek Him . . . and believe with all our heart we are seeking His will in all things?
How often do we offer everything in our lives up, yielding, surrendering, praying?
How often do we beg for Him to hear us, beseech Him, question Him…….and despair believing He hasn’t heard or His answer is No or we’ve forgotten because life’s gotten in the way?
How many times have we believed we were being open, honest, vulnerable, willing….and in the moment we were in, it was as true as we knew how to be…….
But, somehow, someway or another we had pictures in our heads, ideas of what answers would actually look like………..and so maybe, just maybe, we missed His answer because of our own filtered glasses?
Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, clarity becomes a rare thing. Insight and “ah ha moments” don’t resonate as often as of old….to many “instant” (cell phones, ipads, microwaves…..everything quicker than quick) things going on to crowd out His voice, His leading, His presence?
Sometimes those “ah ha moments” come when we’re NOT looking for them. When we’re not begging or asking or pleading or beseeching. They come because something was good, something got quiet, something made it possible for us to “hear”.
I always wanted my own practice, to be married, have our own home, children, neighbors, family, garden……that American Dream so prevalent in the 50’s, complete with the swing in the tree and the fence around the yard. I prayed for them. I prayed for my future husband, my future kids, the people I’d serve in the future. I believed. I lived accordingly. And I served my lil ole heart out in that here and now too….always have, it’s part of who I am.
At first AND even second glance, I have none of that. I’m almost 60. I’ve never married, never had children, have a host of health issues that are complex and life threatening. They mean I’m unable to work (when I’d done that full time since my Junior year, part time since my freshman year, not counting babysitting as soon as I could, and beginning volunteering at age 7).  My savings is gone, and dread of all dread, I’m in public housing….something that I thought was impossible. First and second glance, my life is hollow, spent almost totally alone and basically the dregs by society’s standards.  I shared their opinion of me….but not of my life. Yet even while knowing Holy things were happening, and He was using me daily……I just really didn’t “get” it, that He’d answered ALL those prayers so long ago.
You see, I accidentally thought it had to look a certain way….so much so that I almost missed it….almost missed that He had indeed heard me. And that right smack dab in the middle of crisis He did NOT cause, amid the things evil tore asunder without His OK or support…..He still heard the desires of my heart, then and now, and He answered them all.
I have family all over the world, in the form of snail-mail pen-pals. Every race, every creed, every color. People I’ve grown to love and know over 20 years. We communicate, talk, laugh, thru pen and ink. We celebrate victories, agonize over defeats, lift one another up, have disagreements and misunderstandings and love one another anyway.  Is that not family?
I have a multitude of children who’ve stolen my heart, who I’ve spent endless nights praying over, worrying about….children who’ve reached out to me, shared their fears, their joys, their heartaches, sent me pictures for my fridge…..children who I’ve watched grow from wee lil ones into college kids…..their parents have reached out and done the same…shared about their struggling marriages, the latest turn of devastating illnesses…… How could I missed the fact that I’ve got children, grandchildren and great grand children?
I have 26 plants all over my house….and some hanging in my window…..and I look out and see the tops of trees and blue sky….plants I’ve rooted from cuttings, purchased as sprouts, grown from seeds/bulbs, trimmed, cut, watered, fertilized, trimmed, shared….is this not a garden? I almost missed it.
But I didn’t really “GET” it until 3 Christmases ago. I was in the throws of new puppy-hood even while grieving the loss of my beloved Service Dog….totally worn out, having made a rare and exhausting trip to Home Depot in search of something to go around my Christmas Tree so my puppy wouldn’t demolish one of the most important portions of my Christmas (I LOVE spending every night in December bathed in the lights, looking at the ornaments, remembering the people and the times in my life…praying for all those people…it’s a Holy time and a Christmas tradition that doesn’t need anyone else present to be fulfilling). Got things all set up and pup and I had an exhausting, sleepless night.  I’d set my coffee maker up to wake me up to that delicious smell of loving kindness…..and bleary eyed, with puppy tucked under my arm kissing my chin I walked thru the doorway and looked at the tree…..
And I stopped stock still in shock…..and then I laughed and laughed until tears were flowing down my cheeks……. for there, in all it’s shiny splendor………….was my white picket fences. The one I’d always dreamed of having…….right there around my special tree.
And, I got it. I finally got it.
And I found myself on my knees…… sorry for doubting Him, so filled with His presence.
I’d had it all, all along.
I have it all………….and now, I see ever more clearly how He DOES answer…..and now that I no longer need it to look a certain way…………..His answers are everywhere. They always were.

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Wisdom Filled Words of a Bestie

  1. Yes sweet Melody – not only has God answered your prayers but he’s also answered the prayers of a lot of us What you may not know is that our journeys have been a little easier because he gave us you Your loving warm inclusive light has been a beacon on the path that helped us to find our better selves and God’s gifts One of which is clearly you

    • Carolyn, thank you for your lovely words. I know she greatly appreciates them! She hasn’t been able to figure out how to reply to Word Press comments on her computer yet but I shared your words with her in an email. I know they made her day. 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Loved finding your sweet message waiting for me here. The feeling’s mutual, coffee-buddy! Your friendship came at a time when my own world was a bit dark around the edges….and that sponteniety we shared while we were neighbors……what a joy! Definitely the best of the best.

      • Hugs to you, Janet.
        I cherish our friendship and look forward to the next time we’re together! (And I LOVE colluding with you in our various “God’s Heart” projects!)

  2. Certainly an “angel in our midst” that I will treasure for the rest of my years. Melody’s messages and writings are gently tucked in a secret place in my home.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Holly! I have shared them with Melody. She is having trouble responding via Word Press but I am sending them to her via email. I know your message will make her day!

    • Hi Holly, my incredible friend with a powerful, artistic, tenatious approach to life…….I’m forever glad our lives touch! The photography you offer, your boundless love…..awesome stuff! Thank you.

  3. The Apostle Paul prayed for God to remove the thorn from his flesh. God’s answer was that His grace was sufficient for Paul. Melody has MANY thorns in her flesh. Not only is God’s grace sufficient for her but she shares His grace with hundreds of hurting families, caring for them in her special way and bringing them encouragement, strength and comfort.

    The psalmist wrote these words of praise to God and let’s us know how special Melody is to Him, “How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings.” (Psalm 36: 7 NLT)

    God Bless you
    Ms Lu

  4. Who’d have ever thought, simply sharing from my heart, would resonate so strongly……reading the things here, it takes my breath away.

    Oh Stormy, He has and does Bless me in a multitude of ways, with every breath I take. Thank you. And with you joining the team….who knows what mighty things He will do?! I am who I am, because of who He is…..whatever I do, it’s because of Him. And new doors and windows are opening every day. Thank You for adding to the healing balm I breathe. May you, too, continue to be abundantly and infinitely blessed….open to the Wonder and Awe of it all.

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