A Love Letter to My Little One



Little one,

          Full of grace,

                   Child of my heart . . .

                             Child of my Father.


When I look at you, I see everything that is good and holy. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh each handcrafted by heaven – What an amazing gift you are!

When the world gets me down and I’m tempted to think it’s lost its goodness, I turn to you, this beautiful, wonderful, perfect gift from a God so very merciful to think that I even deserve you . . . and my faith in this world is renewed.

I turn off the TV’s hum of bad news. I shut out the noise of the day and I am comforted by the blessed assurance that God is, was and always will be still on the throne. Somehow, the thought of you, child of my heart, child of my Father, gives me hope . . . that there is hope for this world yet. And you, my son, you are going to change it . . . I just know it.

How would I know such a thing you ask?

Because of I AM . . . you ARE spectacular.

6 thoughts on “A Love Letter to My Little One

    • Aw thanks! 🙂 He was having a wonderful time in the backyard. He had his first official McDonald’s french fry and he made this mischievous little face. lol 🙂 I’m sure when you have a baby he or she will be adorable! Until then you can borrow babies to babysit. The good thing about baby sitting is you get to do the fun stuff and when they cry you get to send them home. lol 🙂

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