My God Remembers


“See. I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”

Isaiah 49:15

My God remembers who you are. My God knows the pain that envelops your heart. My God knows the loneliness that creeps in when the moments are too quiet and the day has been too long. My God knows you don’t always feel worthy. But my God remembers THAT YOU ARE.

My God remembers.

My God knows you are not perfect. My God doesn’t mind. My God remembers life isn’t fair because my Savior’s wasn’t either. My God knows that even still He has plans to make your life spectacular.

My God remembers.

My God remembers where you are. My God knows where to find you. My God remembers the pathway of stars that align His eyes right upon yours. My God remembers your struggles. He knows the weight of your burdens because He carried them on His back once. My God knows that you feel left out and shunned sometimes. My God knows you want to be accepted.

My God accepts youMy God wants to be accepted too.

My God remembers.

My God knows your situation. He knows your heart and the many lines that intertwine upon the tips of your fingers. My God knows the ones you love. My God knows your enemies. My God remembers the color of your eyes and the colors of your life. My God remembers the dreams inside your heart. My God knows that where you are might not be where you want to be or where you deserve to be. But my God remembers that you are created with purpose to make a difference RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. My God remembers your wonderful qualities and He remembers just how much He loves you. He died for you after all.

When you feel like the whole world has forgotten you . . .

My God remembers.

And when you feel like your sins are painted red on a starch white wall, remember . . .

My God also forgets.

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