Who Are You Looking To?


Have you ever noticed when a baby falls the first thing he does isn’t cry? The first thing he does is look around. Why? He is looking to his grownups for their reaction. If we scream oh-my-goodness baby will completely freak out right along with us. But if we stay calm many times they will too. And then? They will simply get back up and move forward.

I think we adults are a lot like babies. “Crave spiritual milk,” God says. But when we are no longer babies in Christ we get confused when signs do not pop up from the corn field. We get frustrated when we open our Bible and instead of seeing some awesome verse we need to hear – we open up to the ones about the time that so-in-so begot whoever-it-was . . . yea, you know those verses. 😉

Suddenly we begin to question if God still sees and hears us. So instead we look to others for the answers that should be God’s alone.

Maybe you take your situation to friends or family. (Godly advice given in love and truth is awesome – don’t get me wrong. It’s the wrong kind that isn’t so great.) Or maybe you are like me and take your problems to Google. Because hey, I’m like that lady on the commercial. “If it’s on their internet it has to be true.” “Who told you that?” “The internet!”

The internet really has the worst of the worst information sometimes doesn’t it? And sometimes friends aren’t much better. “Girl, you know Shirley went through the same thing. After that nothing was ever the same. She lost her job, her cat Muffins to a milk truck and her husband quit his job to join a monkey cult . . . girl – It was horrible!” And we wonder why we are so stressed out?! God didn’t ask us to ask Bob or Sally or Susie or Bing.com about our problems. But we want everyone else’s opinion that everything is going to be ok . . . God wants us to stop looking to others, to stop looking around for signs and instead JUST. LOOK. UP.

Are you looking to everyone and everything else for answers? Don’t look around – JUST. LOOK. UP. You are not alone and God is not fazed one bit by your problems. God doesn’t freak out when we fall – not because He doesn’t care but because He knows it’s nothing He can’t handle! He is completely in control of everything and if God is in control we can be certain everything is going to be alright.

One thought on “Who Are You Looking To?

  1. True. Thinking back, I realize some of the worst decisions I made was those I spent asking around for opinions from a lot of friends and family. Not saying it was their fault, but on some (actually, most) occasions, it is simply best to take the matter to God alone.

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