Happy Birthday, Emily!


Sweet girl,

It seems like only yesterday we rushed off to the hospital to welcome you into the world. Blue eyes, black hair . . . absolutely beautiful.

And here we are eight years later, blue eyes, black hair . . . still absolutely beautiful.

Inside and out, baby.

You are breathless-beautiful. The kind of pretty that makes you feel like you are lost in a movie somewhere. Baby . . . that’s you.


It is my prayer that you never forget it either. That you don’t let beauty magazines or other people define who you ought to be – but instead that you let God do that.  He is after all the only authority on real beauty. He made you in His image and He thinks you are spectacular.

And you know what, Em? I do too.


When I was a girl, I never understood why all the moms gathered in with their cameras for the silliest little things. In fact, I hated it. If I picked my nose or fell down and accidentally showed my pink pony panties – someone was there to capture it. Great. Can you say embarrassing?!

Well, now I’m the mom I swore I never would be – the mom completely-and-totally-in-love-with-everything-her-daughter-does. I think you are fantastic. And even if I weren’t your mother I know one thing . . .

I’d still want to know you. I’d still want to be your friend.

Summer 029

You are an eclectic mix of funny, fun, talented, special and sometimes matter-of-fact. “Don’t nobody mess with you!” And no body messes with you and nobody messes with your brothers . . . even though you sometimes fight like clumsy monkeys and tree branches – it’s love. Nobody dares utter a bad word about your mom and dad either. Or even people you have never met. I remember times you’d walk up to a total and complete stranger and say “What you are doing isn’t nice. God is watching you know.” Talk about guts! But most of all, nobody better utter a bad word about your Jesus. Them’s fightin’ words.


Like the great King David once wrote, you are “ fearfully and wonderfully made.” And ain’t it the truth, baby. When it comes to wonderful . . . wonderful you certainly are.

Sleepy Southern Sundays 002

Happy birthday, Emily!

Jeremiah 29:11

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Emily!

  1. Happy birth day, Emily, for all of us at Warner Press! We love your mama, so that means we love your whole family! Hope you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!!!!!!!!!!!

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