Your Call is Very Important to Us


Your call is very important to us. Please do not hang up. A representative will be on the line shortly.

Ok. I can handle that.

YOUR CURRENT WAIT TIME IS 3 hours and 42 minutes.

K. Maybe I heard that wrong. I thought my call was important or something. Whatev’s.

(Commence elevator music.)

Wait, wait! I must have misheard the wait time because the music stopped. Good I didn’t really anticipate spending 3 hours and 42 minutes listening to the wordless xylophone rendition of some Milli Vanilli song.

“Hello! I have a question . . . ”

Your call is very important to us. Please do not hang up. A representative will be on the line shortly.


OK. Apparently this machine can sense your frustration and punishes you for it. Either that or I should be getting concerned for the general well-being of the customer service operator. I fully expect to hear this next . . .

Your call is very important to us. Please do not hang up. We are currently in hypothermia induced comas and can’t take your call but we assure you as soon as we are resuscitated your call will be on the very top of our to do list. Honest.

But instead I hear the same old excuse.

After about thirty minutes elapsed time I start to wonder just what it is that could be possibly going on at 12 a.m on a Monday night at a call center? Apparently they are on the line with the president or something has inadvertently blown up someone’s toilet somewhere and they are at fault. The mass confusion has shorted out all circuits.

When you are on hold for hours feeling as though you have wasted a good portion of your life waiting to see if someone really-actually-honestly works here . . . don’t you ever just start imagining what on earth is going on over there?

Customer service is either playing a very mean joke on me, their cubicle door has been turned the wrong way and they can’t figure out how to get back inside – they think they may try the ladder, they are trying to figure out who shot J.R. or they are playing a game to see just how long someone as stupid as me will wait on the line to discuss a missing item in her order. Apparently the going time as it stands is one hour.

Suddenly something miraculous happens! The music changes and there is a long pause. I just know I will be greeted with someone who will actually answer my call! Praise Jesus!

Our call center operates from the hours of 12 noon and 12 midnight 7 days a week. Our offices are now closed. Your call is very important to us. Please try your call again during normal business hours.

After that ordeal, I was able to fight the urge to throw my phone only because I would have to go buy a new one only to sit on hold ‘til Christmas trying to get the old one fixed. J

I tell you that little story because it always reminds me of trying to get in touch with someone NOW when you need someone like yesterday! In the age of the iPhone we have the ability to know exactly who is calling and decide to take it now or let it slide. Company phone calls have been replaced with friendly robotic voices that answer our calls and never quite seem to understand a single word we are saying – when all we need is to talk to a human. But strangely when we say “talk to human” we are taken back to the main menu because they don’t understand that request. Obviously we are asking for the wrong species. Next time I promise you I am asking for a squirrel.

In a world where you can’t get a hold of anybody God’s lines are always open. His office hours never close. He has no answering service. When you have a problem and you need someone’s help instantly – you can rest assured – your call really is important to Him. That’s why He ALWAYS answers.

2 thoughts on “ Your Call is Very Important to Us

  1. Love your blog. I like how you relate everyday real life situations to your blessings from God. Take a peek at my blog where I provide Christian book reviews to lead others to good Christian reads. (BTW…I can relate to your latest blog as usually by the time a human finally answers, I have either solved the problem myself or forgot why I even called in the first place!)

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