To: You Love: Jesus



Savior, Redeemer, Almighty, God – I AM.

But of all the things I AM . . . I am also your friend.

I know you work and you reason to figure out the things in your life that just don’t seem to “fit”. And I want you to know that I understand. Life doesn’t always make sense and the pieces don’t always “fit”. But don’t worry. That’s not life, child, that’s grace.

I’m broken made beautiful. You are too. My grace is sufficient for you.

Doubt the amount of time in a day or the amount of calories in an ice-cream cone but never, ever doubt the masterpiece of the Master who made you. The jagged pieces of jasper, the uncertain blues, the struggles in green and yellow – you’ll find the passion in red . . . it’s a beautiful mosaic of majesty and purpose. And I am proud to sign my name in the corner of your heart.


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