Jesus Feet


What you are going through right now seems like a never ending supply of “wrong place-wrong time”. Your answer . . . it’s running late.

When you are tempted to look down the road and wonder why you don’t see me yet – consider Lazarus.

I didn’t want to show up with chicken soup or a pot of purple flowers. I didn’t want to bring another bouquet of balloons or a covered dish. I wanted to bring the one thing no one else could bring.

I didn’t arrive right when they called Me not because I didn’t care – but because I wanted to do something SO much bigger than they expected.

When you’ve called for Me and you don’t see Me yet – that’s no reason to give up hope. On the contrary. It’s the reason to hope for something even bigger than you’ve asked of Me. Because if I’m “running late” – it’s not because I don’t care or because My watch is broken.

It’s because I am the extraordinary Jesus and I am ALWAYS right on time.


6 thoughts on “TO: You FROM: I AM

    • Amen, Leah. So many times I want God to show up when I want Him to show and I always remind myself that not only did Jesus arrive “late” when Lazarus got sick – He did it with purpose – and the story of Lazarus just wouldn’t have been the same had He shown up on their time.

    • Miss Shula, I’m sorry it’s been a rough year. I assure you God hasn’t forgotten you. I find when He shows up “late” He’s only bringing a bigger miracle that requires a little more time.

  1. Thank you, Brook.  From the first devotional I read of yours, you have inspired me.  I would pray for you when I didn’t see your devotions, and when I did your posts would come the next day.  I now get your blogs via e-mail and the same holds true.  It’s miraculous to see the Lord work through you to speak into my life.  The Lord never ceases to amaze me.  How I wish to have been raised in the country, my city (Chicago), is beautiful in it’s architecture, but not so much in it’s spirit and peoples.  It’s often as cold and hard as the concrete of it’s foundation.  To many churches to count, so few a true Christian is to be found.  It’s a deceptive place, my heart cries and prays for her daily as I watch the news.  I often want to run from here, but in a desolate place, Jesus is always with me and he has always provided for me, even when I was undeserving of it.  No truer are the psalms of David to me, I pray them often for my city.  As the Holy Spirit guides and teaches me I will leave when my work is complete, He will show Himself  just at the right time, so all of the Glory will belong to Him.  I am hopeful and wait expectantly as patience has it’s perfect work.  Please pray for the orphans and widows of my city.  God Bless You and Your Family, in Jesus name.   Yours in Christ, Christine   P.S.  Loved your pic of Benji working hard, late night on the laptop!   🙂


    • Christine, thank you so much for your kind words. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me. I’m not sure I am deserving of such kindness but I appreciate it so much. Thank you ever so much for your prayers. Sometimes my health means taking a few breaks so next time I think I am down for the count and find myself up writing a devotional I will know that you must be somewhere praying for me. 🙂 What an honor that you pray for me, Christine.

      I will be praying for you and your city. Even in the south, the devil just loves to stick his red head anywhere he can. One of my best friends is 90 and she says “Get behind me, Satan!” She will say it at Mcdonalds or at church – she doesn’t mind seeming a bit nutty – but I tell you, the devil is scared of her! 🙂

      I can tell that you must be a writer at heart because you talked about your hometown so eloquently.

      And Benji thanks you for your kind words to. He is up many a night helping me edit. He really enjoys the glow of the screen. Thank you for reading faithfully. It is my joy to be a very small part of anything that God is up to! He is good and holy and worthy of our praise.

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