A Love Letter to My Husband: Happy Father’s Day!

red slippers 1

“I have found the one my heart loves.”

Song of Solomon 3:4

To the love of my life . . .

How do you still a girl in a spinning house?

No one ever knew the answer to that question but you.

The answer was – You don’t. You let God be in charge of where her house lands . . . then you become her living color.

I have always marveled at how God could make someone so spectacular, so unlike anything I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Someone who at the drop of a hat has tossed all his belongings in a suitcase and followed me 1000 miles down a makeshift yellow brick road. Someone who has kissed me goodbye at terminals, listened to the same sermon eight times, read over the same devotional about a thousand more. Someone who knew I carry my burdens and others burdens . . . and gladly took them both upon his own shoulders.

I don’t know how anyone could be so strong and so compassionate all at the same time. As I minister to others . . . in the quiet I too get broken. In the quiet, I too come apart. But you . . . you minister to my heart. No one else knows I fall apart too. I doubt. I cry. I worry. I mess up big time. I stumble. But you stand so close behind me . . . I never truly fall. While it appears I stand on my own – you have always held me up.

It goes without saying that your strength is what makes me soar. You are the steady tether that keeps my balloon from floating off course. The security you give me allows me to go everywhere without ever leaving home. The rope is long enough to reach the heavens and short enough to climb back to earth. You are an eclectic mix of security and adventure – with you I know I am always safe to be exactly who I am.

I may wear the ruby slippers more often . . . but all along . . . you have been the man behind the curtain.

You give me courage.



You make me better. You make me bolder. You make my faith stronger. You inspire me so that I can inspire others. You are over the rainbow and no place like home all at once.

You are the man behind the curtain.

15 thoughts on “A Love Letter to My Husband: Happy Father’s Day!

  1. I loved reading your post! Thank you! As the wife of a ministering husband who is also exceptionally blessed 🙂
    Bless you

    • Thank you so much, Kimmy! 🙂 God is so faithful to give ministry folks even MORE wonderful spouses. It takes a very special kind of person to put up with us! God bless you and your husband as you tell people about God and His goodness! Your comment made my day. 🙂

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