Understanding the Gift of Salvation: How Can You be Sure?


“I am not the author of confusion but of peace.”

1 Corinthians 14:33

I remember a time in my life as a young girl when I had really come to dread church because it made me think TOO hard. I spent more time all in knots than I did at peace. And I know I drove my parents crazy as I sat trying to get my mind off my conscious by writing in the back pew.

Growing up southern Baptist, there was a lot of preaching on “Are-you-sure-you’re-sure salvation” and as a kid that impressed on me something crazy.

I don’t even need to close my eyes to see the man at our church who had made his way to the top of the prayer chain. He stayed there for years. Why? He wanted to be saved.

He asked for prayer every Sunday, then he’d ask Jesus into his heart. He had been told for so long that he needed to get that deep down feeling”, that he’d feel like flying when it happened. Someone who wanted it so bad – clearly believed. He undoubtedly knew he needed Christ and probably more than anyone I’d ever seen, he recognized the undeniable worth of grace. He wasn’t praying for healing or money or that job in the corner office – he only wanted Jesus.

This man – a man with the gift of salvation that didn’t even know it. To this day I think about him standing there in his t-shirt and jeans amongst a crowd of suits and ties so sure they had it all figured out . . . and yet, all along this man wanted grace more than all of them put together. It is my hope that somewhere, somehow, this guy finally got it. Not salvation because that was a given – but the simple knowledge of how simple salvation really is.

It too took me many years to learn that salvation is not a feeling – it’s the working of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 2:8 tells us “It is by grace you have been saved not by works so that anyone can boast.” Salvation is grace so beyond what we can understand. There’s nothing we can do to earn it and because no one can afford the price . . . it’s free. It’d make no sense to put a price on something no one could afford! That’s why Jesus came. He paid the debt we couldn’t afford.

Your salvation doesn’t depend on your preacher’s opinion or Bob’s grandma’s opinion. It depends on God’s promise to you. The Bible makes it so clear and we make it so hard. “Who-so-ever believes” (John 3:16) . . . that’s the requirement. I am who-so-ever and if you believe you are too.

I know this is for one of you out there because I don’t speak on salvation very often. It’s something I’ve come to never question. Thank God I’ve learned that overcomplicating things is only something we do – God likes to keep it simple. If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, you don’t need a flashlight to discover if He’s there. Because when it comes to Jesus that’s one question He never says “no” to.

6 thoughts on “Understanding the Gift of Salvation: How Can You be Sure?

  1. I think many struggle with salvation because the enemy wants us to doubt. But you are right. God made it simple. And His work was finished on the cross. We don’t need to doubt. Great post.

  2. me too, it took me years. 7 years to be exact. the world confuses us by giving us the wrong mindset. and when i did, i told God, “why didn’t i understand this right away? it’s such a waste of time! this is too good, how could i miss it?”

    Because when it comes to Jesus that’s one question He never says “no” to. >>> this made me teary eyed! 🙂 so blessed by this!

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