A Devotional in Pictures



God doesn’t want you to spend your life with your feet on the ground – if you trust him with the scary thing – you’ll soar. 


ImageTake a look at your problems upside down –

When you do they might look different.  




Change might seem scary but it’s a vehicle for adventure –

Embrace it. 




Silliness is nothing more than God’s joy within your heart that has become so full it spilled over and oozed from your ears. 





Don’t worry about the finer things. Sometimes the most fun you can have is in your daddy’s hat with a vacuum attachment light saber. 





Delight in small beginnings. The Lord rejoices to see the work begin. 





Be happy with who you are. Embrace your snaggle tooth and your long hair, your freckles and your wrinkles too . . . God doesn’t make ugly. He makes spectacular. 





Love one another. Even your brother who tears the heads off your Barbies or the sister who messes up your Lego house by girl-ing it up with glitter. 





Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Nobody said it had to be fancy. 





Worrying just makes you old. Rest in the Lord. He never sleeps. 

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