Hold Fast


“Stretch forth thy hand.”

Luke 6:10

A pudgy round face sinks his curly brown hair into a pillow in the shape of a night owl. He needs to hold fast to his mama’s sweater sleeve. It’s the only way He can sleep. And as he drifts off to dream to a place where cotton candy lines the clouds and lollipop trees bring color to an evergreen forest, his mama’s right hand is always there. He can always be sure of her because he’s weighted down to her by his chubby little arms that need to know where she is every second of every day.

Children are so magnificently intuitive. They instinctively know to hold fast. They cling to the one they need the most . . . even more than their monkey blanket, even more than their banana toothbrush, even more than their bouncing ball that just happens to go a little too far past the baby gate.

Little Benji – he holds fast, wherever I go, whatever I do . . . and that alone has taught me so much about the kind of relationship that Jesus meant for us to have with Him. The closer I am to Jesus, the tighter I hold fast, the surer I can be that I’m right where I need to be . . . with the One I need the most.

I can’t do anything on my own. None of us can. I need Him to hold me, to embrace me from all sides and assure me with the promises of His sovereign mercy. To draw myself near to the hems of His garment. To weigh down his heart with my problems and rest the weight of my body inside His nail scarred hands.

God did not create us to go through life alone. We all need God’s grace to lift us high and toss us into a blue-clouded sky. We all need to reach for the sweater sleeve of our Savior in the nighttime time. We all need to hold fast to His promises, to His majesty – His mercy.

Maybe you have been trying to do things on your own. Maybe you are so caught up in trying to be all grown up that you have forgotten that no matter how old you get, God will be older still. He’ll still be I AM. He’ll still be your loving Father who longs to hold you in His hands and hear the melody of your breath in harmony with the beating of His heart.

When you are all alone in the darkness – reach out. Hold fast. Brush aside your monkey blanket and your banana toothbrush. Let the ball bounce out of reach. Make sure you are holding on to what you need most . . . then? Hold fast.

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