Amazing News from MeeGenius



It’s been so hard to hold my tongue… but contracts are air tight. Now that the news is public, I’m so happy to tell you all that MeeGenius is operating on a brand new system. You can still buy your favorite books individually but now kids and parents have the option of buying memberships.

That means you can get as many books as your heart desires for as little as 19.99… as a mom with kids who love their gadgets that’s not a bad deal at all – especially when it means that your kids can get what they want when they want without having to ask you first. That’s always a pain in the butt because there’s a lot of password entering and credit card searching involved! Best of all, ten percent of your purchase will go to support PBS KIDS, the home of Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog and your children’s other faves. 

If you are looking for a gift for the techy kid in your life this would make an absolutely wonderful stocking stuffer… and don’t forget to add titles like Spella Witcherella, Count Jackula The Frog Princess along with a handful of  other titles. I love everything I do with MeeGenius, but I have to say my personal favorite is Count Jackula. The voice over actor did a marvelous and hilariously funny job on the comedic relief! 


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