Think on Such Things… Ten Simple Praiseworthy Things in Pictures


My Granny and Pa before they sprouted wings…

The best example of loving others that I’ve ever known in my life. 



Moonbeam… our quirky lap cat in the purest form.

She loves the sound of the keyboard… is scared to death of yarn.



Comfort… Pinky (center) and Clyde (right)…

Emily still can’t go anywhere without them. 




Getting a chance to work with the great people at Hudson Bible and Zondervan.

Such a blessing to be a small part of telling kids about Jesus!



Sewing – Most people don’t know I love to sew…

But I can’t use a sewing machine to save my life! 

The stuffed couple in the pic are my Granny and Pa dolls. Look familiar?



My fur brother Dexter… I’m so sorry Mama put you in that hat.

I feel embarrassed for you too buddy.



Dreaming beneath a sock monkey blanket.



Holiday creativity… no – not the tree…

The crayon Picasso on the door. 




People who can actually make cakes look GOOD. 

Seriously how cute is this cake? I was almost sad to eat it…




Jack’s new favorite bedtime book.

Thankfully Count Jackula only uses his fangs for jelly donuts!


4 thoughts on “Think on Such Things… Ten Simple Praiseworthy Things in Pictures

  1. Congratulations on all your books and all those yet to come.
    Yes, life is indeed about the little things, grin.
    Love you my friend.

    • You look so young 🙂 so you may not know yet about your parents replacing us out of the nesters with dogs. lol 🙂 The truth is I think she loves the fur brother more! 😉

  2. Oh my goodness… You look really young too! God Bless You… I’ve been out of the nest for a while =) I’ve been trying to convince my mother to get me a fur brother or sister for years =) My toy poodle is/was/will always be her first grandchild… Even though she tries to act brand new now that my niece and nephew are here =)

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