You Were Born to Fly!


I can’t believe that we are getting so close to the release of Radically Red: A Dare to Live the Words of Christ. Today I want to share a passage from the book with you. It is my sincere hope that when life looks uncertain you will never forget that you were made for this baby!



“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

John 14:12


A brand new bluebird gathers her strength and tests her wobbly feet for the very first time on a branch she is unsure of. The world looks a whole lot different from out here.

In the comfort of the nest, new birds don’t see much but the walls around them. They greet the bright blue morning sky each new day, never realizing there is something greener below them. I imagine when their mother pushes them from the comfort of the pine straw that it quite a shock to find that there IS something below them.

A long, long way down.

The wind picks up and the brand new feet of the fresh new bird grasp on for dear life to the oak branch, she never knew existed, just outside her front door.

It’s unfamiliar and because it’s unfamiliar – it’s equally scary.

And now? The mother she thought loved her pushes her to the tippy-tippy end. The closer the new bird gets to the point of no return, the more the leaves shake. The rustling sends one lone shiny, green leaf into the grassy abyss below . . . never to return again.

I wonder how fast her heart beats as she nears the nothingness of the sky. I wonder what it feels like to know she’s about to fall . . .

And instead discover she can fly.

That must be a very powerful moment. When the little bird learns she wasn’t born for her nest. But born to fly above it.

Now soaring, I wonder even more what it must feel like to come down to earth for a rest. To look up from the ground and catch a glimpse her mama’s mess of pine straw. What a revelation it must be to realize that the branch you were afraid of, the sky that scared you senseless WAS the very thing sustaining your nest, the very essence that held up your comfort zone. This brand new bird afraid of the bold unknown had been held all along by the thing she thought would defeat her. That’s inspiring!

God is a lot like a Mama bird. He feeds us close to the nest when we are new in His love with all the comforts of home, oak and pine straw. But there comes a day when He knows we are ready for more. Ready to learn that we weren’t made for the comfortable but made for the growing edge. Made to leap off a branch, that feels scary and new but oh, so secure and familiar.  Made to test our wings of faith. To learn that change is not really all that scary after all. Just a vehicle for adventure that God wants us to embrace. 

Jesus Himself said you were made for big things.

Did you hear that? You were made to do GREAT things, even GREATER than Jesus did all those 2000 years ago! It sounds sacrilegious but it’s not. It’s a holy, wonderful, captivating truth that Jesus Himself promised to us. That we were made for more and because of His great love and sacrifice, THROUGH Him, we were destined to fly higher.

Made to go big, not home.

Born to fly. 

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