Chasing Rabbits: Finding Wonder in the Scary Stuff



“Did I not tell you,” replied Jesus, “that if you believed, you would see the wonder of what God can do?” Then they took the stone away and Jesus raised his eyes and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I know that you always hear me.”           

John 11:40-42





It was the burning desire for wonder that led Lewis Carol through the looking glass. 

And the floppy-eared white rabbit that led his Alice down the rabbit hole.

I have always loved the story of Alice in Wonderland because it’s so unexpected. Bored on a riverbank, her life is completely turned upside down by one simple choice.

The decision to follow one little rabbit who just happened to be running very late.

What will she find? Where will this adventure led her? Surely anywhere better than this boring riverbank. What Alice longed for was WONDER.

And wonder she was about to receive.


From “drink me” bottles that helped her bust through the fine and yellow board house of an old white hare . . . and their small-making counterparts that forced giant Alice into tiny doors that led to worlds green and challenging.

Talking giant caterpillars. “WHO-R-U?”

Smiling purple Chesires on a black branch.

Hatters that were mad serving tea from pots which mice slept.

Scary forests with backwards animals and moonlike eyes in a midnight air.

Roses painted red.

Round, moody queens and croquet matches with poor, unfortunate flamingos.




This land Alice found herself in it was anything but ordinary.

Sometimes wonder-filled and crazy-scary. Sometimes wonderful and crazy-amazing.

Nevertheless, this beautiful, complicated, topsy-turvy world was the polar opposite of everything Alice was running from. I think that was the point of Wonderland all along though. That Alice picked up the hem of her white dress to run after the white rabbit and away from an ordinary, mundane existence.

I think this is so much like life through the rabbit hole – that moment in your life when everything is changed in an instance, when it’s scary, hard, TOO real. Sometimes we pick ourselves up from the riverbank and run willingly towards the new thing. Other times life does that for us and we have absolutely no choice in the matter at all. But the good thing about this jolt from the ordinary, from life as we know it, from our “normal” existence is that this is not an end at all. Merely a beginning- ending unwritten. 



The beginning of adventures where we see how much we can GROW. Not with tiny bottles but through Living Waters.

Where at the same time we learn how small we are without them, without Him.

Where we meet strange new friends that smile at us when we need joy the most.

Where we face up to the scary thing. Where we paint life the colors God gives us. Where those colors are regal and beautiful – full up with wonder.

Where you find sovereignty in the hand of God awakening you at just the right moment, before the card deck falls around you. Before the scary thing engulfs you. Because He promised He’d be with you even until the ends of the Earth . . . even when that Earth was strange, scary and heart-pounding. Where you wake back up on the sanctity of the riverbank you thought you’d never see again, returning all the better for it. Having been given the gift of finding wonder where you least expected it with the One you’ve come to expect only the best from.



Like you, I’m sure Alice never dreamed that the day that began like any other would be the day that changed her life. But these are how extraordinary days begin aren’t they? Like any other. And this is where the real journey begins. Chasing running-late hares down free-falling rabbit holes. Where you learn to rely on God’s arms to embrace you safely to the bottom. Where you realize that the irony of this scary new thing is this . . . you’re running behind a white rabbit running late. But you serve a God who is always right on time. 

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