1,000 Lambs


It’s the best thing we can do… sew a seed and watch it grow. But, what do we do when God asks us to sew those big seeds? What do we do when those seeds set us outside our comfort zone?  What do we in those seasons when God requires us to plant the precious?

I’ve been thinking about Solomon a lot lately. One of my favorite Bible stories goes back to the Old Testament of the Bible when all are sacrificing lambs to God. You can almost just close your eyes and see them coming, one by one, single file – one person and one lamb. Everyone except Solomon. When every one else came bearing one lamb, Solomon came bearing not one – not even ten; Solomon came bearing one thousand. That same night, God came to Solomon and in return asked him, “Solomon — what can do for you?”  Imagine the feeling of those words!  Imagine what it would mean for God to whisper in your ear “What can I do for you?”

Perhaps, the greatest part of the entire story had nothing to do with the quantity of the lambs but, of the quality. Not only did Solomon bring one thousand lambs, he brought his very best one thousand.  Solomon did something that we’ve all fallen short of doing. God asked him to give one lamb. Of course, we all are happy to give our one lamb. Perhaps, our least favorite lamb, or the one that’s a little temperamental. But, in the end, are we really willing to give nine hundred and ninety nine times more than the norm? Most of all, are we willing to give our one thousand lambs and give them joyfully?

I heard Jentezen Franklin  give a sermon concerning just this and the pastor tied up Solomon’s story in two words – “Precious Seeds.” What is a precious seed? It can be a seed that takes great effort, carries us away from familiarity or one that drives us from our comfort zone. Precious seeds are hard to plant. But, just one solitary precious seed can grow a whole field full of harvest. He went on to speak of Abraham when God asked him for Isaac up on the mountain. The pastor said “It’s easy to give God our Ishmaels. I could fast liver and onions all day long because I don’t eat liver and onions.” A precious seed is the kind of seed that fills God’s lips with the promising question of “What can I do for you?”

Perhaps, God is asking you to plant a seed. Rest assured that any seed you plant is rewarded. However, God is looking for those Solomons who are willing to take their very best lambs and lay them at His feet. The great thing is that there is a little touch of Solomon within all of us. Every one of us are being called to give our best and we are all capable of doing so. When God asks for a lamb, which one will you give him? Will it be your best or will it be the rest? Don’t be afraid to bring your best lambs to the alter today because when you do … The Shepard’s gonna rock your world!

“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”Psalm 126:6 KJV

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