Giveaway and Devotional: Don’t Give Up

Painted heart

*I hope you enjoy this devotional from my forthcoming title Radically Red: Dare to Live the Words of Christ. As the weather gets warmer we will be getting closer to the release and I have to say I am more excited for this book than any other I’ve ever had the blessing of working on. For the rest of the month of February, simply follow, comment below or repost on the social media of your choice (make sure to leave a link so I can keep up – it’s a little disorganized as we prepare to start looking to relocate) – when you do you’ll be entered to win a signed first edition of Radically Red and a copy of picture book Chrissie’s Shell. 

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8

Have you ever needed a miracle so badly that you would do almost anything to get it? Have you ever been so hungry for Jesus that there just wasn’t any height that was too high to climb?

Zacchaeus felt the exact same way.

The story of Zacchaeus is so powerful not only because it’s such an intimate experience with the Savior of the world but because the story itself is rather unexpected.

Like you, Zacchaeus longed to see Jesus. But he was feeling lost in the crowd because he was small. And Jesus? He was growing closer and closer. Zacchaeus felt born for this. He didn’t want miss this. So he tossed all his pride on the ground and he did something that was very big for a very little guy.

He acknowledged his tininess in front of everybody. With one foot on trunk and one hand on branch . . . Zacchaeus scaled the Sycamore tree and looked out above it all.

He SEES Him! All he wanted was to see Him.

“Jesus!” “Jesus!” cries the crowd. But Zacheus stays silent. He doesn’t need Jesus to see him. Zacheeus just wants to see Jesus.

But Jesus sees him even still. But it wasn’t because of the Sycamore. Jesus is all encompassing. He knew Zacchaeus was there. He saw him before he climbed the tree because one day? He’d climb the tree for Zacchaeus. But what touched Jesus’s heart was that Zacchaeus desired to see him with such passion that he went through the trouble of looking completely ridiculous to do it. And it was in that very moment that Zacchaeus, the tiny guy who climbed the tree, became Zacchaeus, the friend of Jesus.

“Zacchaeus, come down. I’m coming to your house today.”

Maybe you have tried everything to get your miracle. Maybe you have scaled more trees than you’d care to mention. Maybe you feel like you’ve gotten lost in the crowd. But Jesus sent me to tell you that He sees you. He wants you to know that in Him you are growing taller in faith each and every day.

Nothing touches his heart more than when you burn for Him. When you never want to miss the chance to seek His face. And sometimes seeking His face is going to mean going the extra mile and people are gonna think you’re nutty.

But nothing ever worth doing was average anyway.

When you fix your eyes on Jesus people are going to stare . . . the higher you climb the more they’ll point, the more you love Him the more they’ll whisper. But don’t count this as persecution – instead take it for what God meant it to be . . .

One small person casting their eyes on Jesus with purpose, drawing attention to the Man coming down the road . . .

When they look, when they point, when they laugh and stare . . .

Don’t give up.

You never know when you’ll look down and see that the lives you’ve touched have followed you right up the branches and are suddenly looking for Him too all because you weren’t too proud to scale the Sycamores . . .

You never know when your little light will light the darkest corner of the earth, change hard hearts and soften them for Christ. Most of all, you never know when the world will change . . .

All because of one “tiny” person with one very BIG God.

13 thoughts on “Giveaway and Devotional: Don’t Give Up

    • Thank so much, Leah! I can’t wait for your new book Hebrews either! 🙂 I love the copy of When Words Won’t Come and it’s on my bookshelf – which says a lot because I have SO many books (it’s my vice)… I only keep my favorites in the case or else the thing would fall over. haha

      And amen about Zacchaeus! I’m so glad that Jesus sees me even when I don’t cry out.

  1. So happy to have found this devotion Ms Laura, climbing the tree to see Jesus because He climbed the tree to save me. Thank you, thank you, thank you God for the gift of writing that you have given Laura Brooke Keith, those words have touched my heart!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Janie! Your words made my day. What a God we serve! When I was a girl, I knew a wonderful and beautiful lady named Janie who used to run my Uncle’s old cafe. So many wonderful memories and the best chef ever.

    • Marie, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through so much. I don’t know what you are going through but I know God does. He is so faithful to hear our whys, anger, frustration and sadness and love us just the same.

      I grew up in an abusive home and spent about a year of my life being carted around to the DA’s office. Last year, I was diagnosed with MS. I can relate to your struggling. God has always been so faithful to take what I’ve faced and help me to share His great love with other people. I know He will do the same for you, Marie. I will pray for you for sure. If you’d like, let me know how I can pray specifically. God bless you!

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