With Hope the Odds Don’t Matter

Please take time out of your day to watch this incredibly moving and inspirational video from my new friend Heather Von St. James and The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. THIS is what brave looks like! THIS is what hope looks like!

Now imagine that there could be even more than hope…

Imagine that there could be a cure!

Please spread the word, reblog and do your part to raise awareness this week… and don’t forget to check out Heather’s awareness page here!

2 thoughts on “With Hope the Odds Don’t Matter

  1. We need to review of course traditional therapies, but I know personally that too many other avenues of alternative and homeopathic medicines have shown promise and I have benefited from some of them — I have to say that it’s all about money and always has been … when I was doing my nursing I became increasingly disillusioned. Am I right .. I am sure in part and my heart says a child needs their parents for as long as possible! Doesn’t that mean we should investigate EVERY available means as well! In Love Rick Oh .. I believe that when Jesus rose again He gave us a ton of hope so let’s look harder!

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