Keep on Growing!




But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

2 Peter 3:18

Have you ever been smack dab in the middle of things getting better only to have the road become rocky and disheveled all of a sudden?

Me too.

I’ve been there.

I’ve watched from the back road of life as things finally looked settled when all of sudden out from the forest came the proverbial tornado of the world carrying a witchy woman on bicycle with my little dog in her basket.

It’s disheartening right? It makes you stop and question yourself. Where did you go wrong? Where can you turn around? Are these roadblocks God’s way of saying… “You there – not so fast!”

All of these are very human feelings and questions.

But before you turn around and give up consider this…

Where would Paul have been if he would have turned around on the road to Damascus? After all, seeing the risen Savior, especially for an unbeliever, must have been incredibly frightening! In all His glory, after all, you are blinded and fallen to the roadside!

Likewise, what would have become of the Israelites if David had took one look at the giant and ran away?

It was through Damascus that Paul was saved, that in many ways the church was found.

It was through David going forward that faith grew, that everyone on both sides of a war realized that God is who He says He is, so powerful in fact, He equips a small boy with victory in a win so epic that it could only be given down by the hand of God. Goliath was a stepping stone to the throne. That’s all – but he must have looked like a mountain.

Just as David would become King, Paul would go on to found the Corinth church. He would become one of the men that took the firsthand knowledge of Jesus Christ and handed it out to a hungry world where idols left people unfulfilled and where God filled the void, lived among them. Think about – a portion of gospel that has saved you today came this far to you because God revealed Himself to Paul.

One thing I’ve learned in the midst of roadblocks and detours is that I too must keep on going, like Paul, like David, because in these moments I am growing… and you are too.

Yes – there may be something standing in your way…

But just beyond the road work in the freeway is your victory –

And just past the muddy, unpassable marsh in the forest path is your joy –

And just around the corner of the side street is your Jesus.

Where are you going today and what’s standing in the way of God’s best for your life? When the way gets rocky –don’t be afraid and most important of all don’t turn back…

Just keep on growing.

7 thoughts on “Keep on Growing!

  1. Excellent devotion and examples from the Bible to not be afraid and to keep going not matter what. Thanks! Happy Easter!

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