I’ve Offically Climbed Out From Under My Rock

I've Offically came Out From Under My Rock

Yes… you read that right. I’ve officially joined the world of pinning. I’d love to connect with all of you on Pinterest and get to know more about what you love, who you love and what makes your life spectacular. Click the photo to be transported through the space time continuum… just kidding. 🙂 You’ll only be taken to Pinterest. 🙂 Although I admit the first sounded like way more fun.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Offically Climbed Out From Under My Rock

    • You and me both! lol I’m a deep south girl and despite my ability to milk a cow, hop a barbwire fence unscathed and fry almost anything… I pretty much have no clue about social media.

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 May girls like us continue to figure out how this technology thing works. 🙂

  1. Brooke,
    I need to tell you how much I appreciated your reply email last month of encouragement as I am pressing in to my two books. {Or was that the month before?! My time flies!} The encouragers God has sent to me are a gift to lift up my gift. I just love Him so much for that…. well that’s one of like a bazillionoid reasons.
    Much love to you! And can you send me the 40 day Red dare via email? It gets buried in my reader. 😦 Soooooo much in my reader! I’m in it now and can’t see if you have email sign up. Would love it!

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