Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



For the next 40 days, Grace Alone is going RED. I hope that you will all join me as we embark upon something that I truly believe will challenge you and change you. Through these 40 days, I will be asking you to dive deeper into your relationship with Jesus with dares that are based on the red words of Jesus. Some of them will be easy… some of them will take all you have to give. 

40 is a very meaningful and holy number in the bible…

Noah’s flood consisted of 40 days and 40 nights, a time of cleansing, marking a fresh start on our little spinning orb.

Noah waited another 40 days to open his ark window.

Moses spent 40 days on the mountain with God… Twice.

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness…

Then, 40 days He’d be seen in the world after His crucifixion.

(And that is just a very SMALL portion of the holiness wrapped up in the number 40!)

I invite you to share with your church, work and family… tell us what you are doing, how you are meeting the dares with a heart ready to devote 40 days to knowing Jesus more intimately and how it impacts your life and the lives of others. 

Don’t miss the chance to win prizes like signed copies of Radically Red: Dare to Live the Words of Christ, home items that are red, red red and more – prize days will be announced but there will also be a surprise pick from all comments at the end of the 40 days. So don’t forget to tell us your story and let us know what you are doing to go red! If you have a dare you’d like to see featured we’d love to hear about that too!



TODAY’S DARE: The next 40 days are going to be radical… so today’s dare is simple. In Mark 6:21 Jesus invited His friends to go away with Him to rest. Rest is so important in today’s rushed and hurried world. Today, take comfort in something red, a red blanket, woolen socks… anything that brings you comfort and let it remind you that Jesus wants you to commit to R.E.S.T…. Radically Entrusting your Savior To-supply-all-your-needs.




18 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Have a precious red box (with white spots and a little red ribbon) … as yet unopened following my recent Lenten journey. Full of His gifts and healing messages that I was prompted to collect. Today’s the day to open and drink of His blessings and love, thanks to your/His prompting. God bless and may many take up this 40 day blessing.

  2. This is wonderful. I am assuming you will be posting a “Red” verse each day for the next 40 days to come. That will be a great help for me. We just started a new Bible study yesterday and already “things” are getting in my way to spend time with my lesson/Bible. Your challenge and the verse are already helping me, God is amazing.
    Keep it up and I look forward to the next 40 days.

  3. absolutly love this ministry ,and so enjoy getting a message and challenge from you each morn .looking forward to going RED

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