Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day Two! I so enjoyed talking with all of you via WordPress, Pinterest and email yesterday. You all have so many great ideas and such hearts on fire for Christ. I am so excited to be on this journey with you all! I am proud to know you.

In John 17 Jesus pours His heart out to His Father. He knows the time is coming when He will have to leave His disciples for a while… so He prays for them. He tells God how important they are to Him – they have become His most intimate friends. He asks God to protect them. Then He prays this specific prayer… 


“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.”


Jesus goes on to say that this prayer isn’t just for His twelve but for His MANY to come. This prayer was for the children of God – was, is and is to come. Jesus knew that His Words were LIFE. They had the power to sanctify, to set apart, to make holy… and after the resurrection this became OUR job. We have been sent out into the world just like Jesus’ most intimate friends to share His message and speak life on a hurting world.

DARE #2: Get your sleuthing clothes on and break out your James Bond moves. You’re gonna need them! Today spend some time picking a verse from Jesus’ Words that you feel might help someone going through a difficult time. Choose the verse that speaks to YOUR heart. Then write the verse on a piece of paper, red ink or red paper if you have it – if not its the Words that count most, and leave it somewhere for someone else to find. Now for the tricky part… no one can see you. #LessMeMoreYouLord

*I’d LOVE to see your pictures of where you are leaving your dares, what your verse was and anything else about your journey on these 40 days. Post them to your blog and be sure to tag them Radically Red so that I can find you. I don’t want to miss them! If you know someone else who wants to go RED with you, start your own set of dares at your church. It is my prayer that you experience the kind of Red-olution that can ONLY come from the Words of Christ.



8 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. I have a beautiful red tract called the “Father’s Love Letter” … it contains so many precious scripture verses … it starts with “My Child” and ends with “Love, Your Dad Almighty God”. It is the only tract I have ever felt ‘comfortable’ about giving out and the Lord has blessed me on many occasions by opening the door to do so. (hiding my face now 🙂 … I even left one in a public toilet once and left a little prayer with it). I couldn’t top your wonderful Day 2 with any other way than what these tracts and their contents have meant to me … this shows you the cover and inside xxx http://www.crossway.org/tracts/fathers-love-letter-3049/

    • The public toilet idea is priceless! Whoever found that HAD to know that was a GOD thing! 🙂 I will have to check out this wonderful tract. I can’t wait to read it! My friend Roy Lessin has an incredible story about how his family came to know Jesus through a Bible hidden in a hotel drawer. Roy went on to found Dayspring with a few others. You may never know the impact of the things you leave behind… even if they are left in a public toilet… better yet, ESPECIALLY if they are left in a public toilet!

      • 🙂 … I corresponded with Roy for a little while via email. He’s lovely and his work is beautiful. You are both blessed to have each other as a friend. Hope you can source the tracts. They are so cheap; but priceless for the Kingdom of God xxx

    • That is fantastic and such a small world! Roy is a wonderful person… as are you. 🙂 I will be on the lookout for these tracts. I wonder if Family Christian sells these?

  2. Our families go to verse is Phil 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen to that! Thank you for your Red Radical Life challenge. 🙂

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