Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life




Welcome to Day 3! I was completely floored yesterday when I realized that only a few hours into our first dare almost 400 people had already signed on to walk this 40 day journey with us… and that wasn’t even including churches. People are hungry for Jesus! And Jesus knows a thing or two about fulfilling that hunger.

Five loaves and two fish became a miracle and a feast for the masses … but after everyone had eaten Jesus told His disciples to gather up all the leftovers anyway. “Let nothing be wasted.” And that was the last we heard about that – so what was Jesus’ purpose in gathering up the leftovers of strangers?

“Let nothing be wasted.” If it wasn’t important God would have omitted it.

Daily Dare #3: Today’s dare is easier said than done. “Let nothing be wasted.” What are we wasting in our lives today? If you have kind words. SPEAK them. If you have a voice – LIFT IT UP. If you are a poet – WRITE IT DOWN. Today seize every opportunity to use your gifts. If you like to paint – paint a picture and send it to a friend who has the color red on her lawn, her car or house. If your gift is encouragement compliment everyone you see wearing red today. When God gives out gifts He wants the wrapping paper torn off, the tags ripped and the ribbons jumbled. They are your gifts to use… let nothing be wasted. 

*How did you complete the red dare today? Tell us what you are doing to use your gifts and let nothing be wasted. Reblog it, post it on your church bulletin or just whisper it to a friend. Jesus’ Words are LIFE and my heart is filled to overflowing knowing we walk this holy 40 day journey together!




3 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

    • That’s amazing! Wow! You are one step ahead of me. 🙂 I had trouble picking today’s verse and this confirms it was the right choice. Thanks for sharing this with me! You are full of great ideas!

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