Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 6!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! How did your complaint jar look? Mine, well, it could use some work. So today I will be repeating today’s dare with you guys – unless you did far better than me. In which case I salute you! 

The book of Revelations tells us about Jesus the mighty warrior … but the book of Matthew whispers to us that Jesus had a feminine side too. The disciples are shewing away children who want to see Jesus. Surely He was far too important for them and far too busy dealing with pressing issues like healing the blind, feeding the poor and raising people from the dead!

Even Jesus’ very best friends seemed clueless to His character in that scene. And Jesus let them know instantly that He wanted the children to come to Him. It wasn’t a bother but a blessing and they just needed to calm down about 30 notches.

As the mother of 5, I can’t tell you the amount of typos that go into my manuscripts. God bless my wonderful, beautiful, understanding editors who have come to expect that and work with me anyway! The typos are usually there because someone erased entire paragraphs when I went to stir the spaghetti or because, well, I was preoccupied prying a Lego head from someone’s nose or helping mediate who had what toy first. Like all the other moms of young kids in the world, I also rarely pee without an audience and when I do our one year old sits crying at the door calling my name between blubbers – so of course, I open it

That’s a funny way of looking at the situation – Jesus as the motherly type – but I always felt like Jesus would be that kind of guy. The kind who wasn’t inconvenienced by bedtime stories, pudding on the walls or even sentences that started “Hey, Jesus… wanna smell something gross?” Even though in my experience there is usually something you just can’t unsmell in your near future after those words are uttered.

Today we are going to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do something good for the children in our lives. Something that says, I see you, I’m not hindered by you and I want you to know you can come to me.

DAILY DARE: What can you do today for the children in your life? Today’s dare is to do something good for them. Something to make them feel special. If you don’t have any children do something nice for someone you care about… they were kids once too! 

*How did your complaint jar look yesterday? What will you do for your little ones or loved ones today?





2 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. I use to have that butterfly picture as one of my profile(s) photo.  They will soon be here!  🙂  At least in my neck of the woods…but I’ve never seen one like this…only in pictures.  I am the youngest of 5…God Bless and keep you.  My jar was quite full yesterday…thank God for the morning.


    • That really was a beautiful butterfly. We saw some down at my mother’s farm tonight. But never that blue… we usually see yellow.

      Wow! The youngest of five. Here I thought we were the only ones who took up the whole aisle at Walmart. 🙂

      And me too! I never realized how much I complained until I started paying attention. I have been trying to work on it but I have to admit it’s gonna take some practice.

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