Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 7..

Today’s dare is bittersweet because this dare came about in a way that left us feeling devastated. We lost our beloved and oh-so-sweet kitty Moonbeam tonight. Never have I ever saw a cat so loving or a cat that had so much Jesus in her! (To see the story of how we came to know Moonbeam see this article from CBN.) You’ll see that she came into our family and returned to God’s family much the same.

As we strolled in together arm and arm to the animal hospital tonight, our little Brock and I waited our turn to see the vet. But during this time God placed a woman in our path in tears. Our dare yesterday was to do something special for our children or loved ones. Little did I know this dare for us would be for a grown kid… who was grieving the serious illness of her elderly mother and now wounded doggie.

But once we got to the little white room – the news broke us. Our Moonbeam was getting ready to leave this world and fly upward. Brock and I embraced… and wept – oh, how we wept.  “The good Lord giveth,” we said. “And the good Lord taketh away.”

And in the middle of all this heartache and loss we talk about why on earth bad things  happen to good people, or good cats for that matter. Why life has to be so hard. Why even though we’d shown up in hopes of healing, we’d gone home with a kitty in a little white box. And here somewhere in my spirit I couldn’t help but think of Lazarus. When He arrived at the home of His friend to find him dead He saw the women having a conversation very similar to the one Brock and I had just had. “Why?” They ask. “Don’t you care?!” They ask.

It was silent and Jesus wept.

Jesus was coming to bring the miracle and He was right on time. So it’s safe to say that Jesus didn’t cry for Lazarus. He cried instead for them. How it hurt Him to think they could ever imagine He didn’t care about their suffering!

As my fog is lifted something small but radically RED happens. In our weeping we feel an embrace from behind us. We’d shared Jesus with another woman but the receptionist had saw it all… so she shared Jesus right back.

Yes… We didn’t get our miracle. But somewhere, someplace… I know Jesus still weeps for us. For you. When life doesn’t go the way we ask and we question God and His reasoning. We lift our voices up and cry “Why?” And sometimes we don’t understand the silence is the tears of Jesus, the miracle the sharing, the embracing of strangers that can only happen when God lines up the stars, the fellowship of bearing each others burdens and laying them at the feet of the Cross.

DAILY DARE: Carry someone’s burden today. Give a hug. Share some Jesus… I assure you someone will share Jesus with you right back when you need it the very most.


*Has someone ever shared Jesus with you in a small way that added up BIG?

6 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Dearest Brooke, I am so sorry about Moonbeam and your loss. I absolutely love cats and know the pain of losing them.
    May the Lord wrap His arms upon all who are grieving and fill you to overflowing with His love. May each Moon beam remind you of the sweet memories that were gifted you. If that is a photo on the CBN link, the little one is exactly the same as a darling one we lost before one of the two we have now. God bless dear Sister xxx

    • Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. Today was a little easier. We shall miss her dearly! The moon was full and beautiful tonight which was a nice way to end the night.

      The kitty pic on CBN was just a pic my producer had on her desk. It wasn’t our Moon Beam. She was silver and grey. I am so sorry to hear that you had lost a kitty before too. It’s so hard to lose our furry friends. 😦

      God bless you!

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