Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 9!

If I told you that these last nine days have been easy I’d be lying. They’ve been HARD. On the first day I found out that my father could have pancreatic cancer. My MS acted up. My husband’s job has been increasingly difficult. Our cat died. My father in law’s nephew had a serious car crash… I could go on. In fact, when I sat down to think about it I remember my editor Karen telling me when we were trying to get Radically Red ready that thing after thing was coming at us. Something just didn’t want us to get this book done.

But we pushed through and here we are.

And to think we are just tiny little specks of somebodies bringing the Words of Jesus. Now imagine actually BEING Jesus! I can’t imagine. Before He would take our sins upon Himself and reconcile us to God He would be met in the wilderness by Satan. Temptation and hardship of every kind. “Away from Me, Satan!” Jesus called. And Satan had to obey.

Satan wants you to think he’s so big and mighty and powerful – but the truth is this – he trembles at the feet of Jesus – the name of the Lord is a strong shield against strongholds – every. single. one. But the closer we become to God the more the devil likes to stir up trouble. He cannot snatch us from His hand but if the devil can take our eyes off Jesus he can rest a little easier. If he can silence you and me he can continue to destroy lives. 

 I assure you. If Satan is pursuing you it’s because you scare the living horns off of him. Anyone with Christ in his heart does. When the red guy rears his ugly head. Don’t fear. Just pull out the red words. “Away from me, Satan!” He has to listen.

DAILY DARE: Today speak our red words for the day aloud. Ask God to keep the devil away and help you continue the work He has begun in you. 

*Have you ever been called to do something and noticed that suddenly the sky just opened up on you? How did you handle it?


15 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Hugs Brooke, nothing more, nothing less …. don’t know what to say except no matter what is being ‘thrown’ at you, with Jesus, you’re in the eye of the ‘hurricane’, safe and secure. I’m so sorry for all you are going through; but Jesus will bring you through xxx

    • Thank you so much, Liana! You always know just what to say. Your words remind me of when Jesus walked across the water to Peter. Peter just had to keep his eyes on Jesus to stay afloat. I’m so glad that I have Jesus to look to. Thank you for the sweet, sweet reminder.

  2. Sorry you are struggling sister! When that happens to me, I try to remember he says his grace is sufficient….more trouble, more grace. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Good morning, my sweet friend Denise. 🙂 Your support encourages me so much. This was actually my Bible verse for the day on my phone. God is good! Thank you for repeating it back for me. Hearing it twice assures me that His grace really is sufficient!

    • Oh, sweetie! It’s been such a hard couple of months for you and Greg. I love what you said and I just have to tell you that this made me smile so big. 🙂 We’re in this together, Leah. I love you to the moon, girl. The devil is scared silly of @PointMinistries and Leah and Greg Adams. 🙂 I’m sure of it!!

  3. My husband & I are in music ministry together and his health is such that from Oct ’12 to probably just about a couple months ago, one thing after another kept plaguing him. He has rheumatoid arthritis and lots of things stem from there. Every time we were scheduled to go and do outside ministry, his health was so poor. We’ve had to cancel or we just barely got through. Now we’re scheduled to do a coffee house Friday the 23rd and I may have to have my tonsils out! Ugh! No! Needless to say, we are praying against that one.

    This post today was a boost, thank you SO much! I will be praying for you & your family.

    • You guys are really being hit hard. I am so sorry that things are so hard! Managing a chronic illness as a team is never easy but I know that you are both equipped for every good work! I can’t wait to hear what good things are on the way for you two! I heard a preacher give a sermon once about Goliath’s in your path. He talked about how we usually turn around when something scary pops up… but that it is then that we should keep pressing forward even faster. He ended with the purpose of David’s long life and how Goliath was David’s sign that he was on his way to being King.

      It’s so easy to get discouraged. But I have a feeling that these double whammy’s are just the neon sign pointing to something great! I will be praying for the two of you. I sincerely hope you don’t need your tonsils out. Bless your heart! And I will also be praying for your husband. My MS can make me feel quite stiff and I can only imagine what that must be like daily. Thank you for your prayers and for sharing with me today! It truly made me feel like we are in this together… and we are. 🙂

  4. Wow, this really hit home (again) this morning. Has me thinking about a LOT of things. I’ve been trying to push harder toward writing over the last six months. Something I feel I’ve been called to do but it has been a struggle to say the least. I’m trying to get all of my ideas sorted out but it has been so hard because of my health. No matter what I do different, my health seems to decline. We believe we have narrowed the problem down but unfortunately the possibilities that are being considered have different treatment plans so we can’t move forward until knowing for sure. 😔 I’m not giving up though and reading this is a reminder that the devil does NOT want me accomplish anything. I’m so sorry for all your family has been through lately. I will be praying for you! You are an inspiration, seeing you push through to get all of this done through everything. Thank you for all you do!

    • Keep pushing, Laurie! Writing is not only therapeutic for you… but reading words of encouragement provides others with the same benefits. I truly hope that you can figure out what is going on so that you can turn your focus to other more joyful things. That’s one of the hardest parts of awaiting diagnosis. One thing my neurologist always said is that we can’t blame everything on MS. So it could be that you do have MS and then a little something on top. Which isn’t bad – just means you’d need to add some medication on when they figure it out.

      The devil would love to dim Laurie’s little light by making her focus on all the what if’s of diagnosis. I have it on good authority that He who is in YOU is greater then he who is in the world! Let your little light shine, Laurie. I look forward to reading lots of encouraging insightful things on your blog!

  5. Satan is ever present trying to drag us down and remove Him from our being. One phrase is ever present here…be gotten Satan! Thank you for not allowing Satan to halt your wonderful work. He truly has gifted you in many ways! Be well my friend! 🙂

  6. I took my book How to Blacklist a Landlord off my rewrite … already a success of sorts and I was both inspired and ‘pushed’ to do a book ‘what have you got to lose …’ I or He provided about 8,000 words in a few days like running water and then … I got Bell’s Palsy, Vertigo came back 10x and maybe a little stroke and it all ceased entirely for 4 weeks. It’s supposed to last 4 weeks or so but it’s now 6 months but I am not giving up. Would have I finished my other book rewrite in that time … Probably not! Am I mad … upset that I feel like crap and vertigo is as bad as MS … I have been diagnosed with that too and then ruled out and then … It’s a great book .. never felt like this before!? I am confused, disappointed in myself, and wanting to finish! Please pray for me that I do as I do want to hear well done when I get home! Selfish … no … I love Him and don’t want to disappoint yet one more time! Rick =/

    • I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be praying for you, Rick. Living with chronic illness can be very trying. God is on your side. Thanks for daring with us!

  7. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be praying for you, Rick. Living with chronic illness can be very trying. God is on your side. Thanks for daring with us!

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