Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 12!

Forgiveness is something God freely gives to us and it is often something we freely give to others too… but the hardest kind of forgiveness is the kind we give to ourselves. When we fall short of God’s glory, when we fail our children or our spouse, when we doubt God’s goodness or curse His name… we live beneath the weight of how we should have acted or what we should have done. Basically we just get STUCK.

Living in the past is something that God never intended for us to do. It’s right there in His name. He’s not I WAS. He’s not I WILL BE. He is I AM. He’s I AM right now in this very moment and no matter what time frame we find ourselves in… yesterday, today, a thousand years from now… His name will not change and neither will His character.

God wants you to release yourself from the things you’ve felt guilty about for what seems like forever. He wants you to “Take up your bed and walk” away from the guilt you’ve lived in for far too long.

Remember – David was a murderer.

Noah was a drunk.

Job was a doubter.

Peter denied having any clue who Jesus was…

Jacob was a liar…


The people in the Bible were chosen by God Himself, called for His beautiful purpose. Knowing all you know about these characters… do you still admire them? Of course you do! They were the Bible heroes we grew up knowing. They are the stories we turn to time and time again when we face giants, when we feel like we’re in the belly of the whale… when we feel forsaken.

And that’s the kind of grace God gives…the kind that covers a multitude of sins. Don’t cheapen the grace of Christ Jesus by continuing to feel guilty for what was. Today let’s all remember He is I AM…. and WE ARE forgiven.


DAILY DARE: Release yourself from guilt today knowing  God accepts you Your mistakes are part of your story no matter how big or small. God CHOSE you in spite of them and maybe even because of them. Your mistakes are what will make your ministry effective. In addition to this dare, pass along a feeling of acceptance to someone else. Hug someone. Reach out to someone. Let them know that you accept them just as Jesus does. 

5 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Sometimes I think that when we get up from the bed of guilt and walk away, we take the covers with us, instead of leaving them behind. We might move forward; but we cover ourselves with the ‘fear’ of being found out … that our past will be found out, that it will define who we are, that others will think less of us. We know in our minds that we are forgiven; but struggle to plant it deep within our hearts and leave that truth there. May we be strengthened with the knowledge that He is the great I AM and nothing will ever change that, He is immutable. Let’s leave the covers where they belong and dance out in the open, in the freedom of the new life which He has gifted us. Thank you for another wonderful post Brooke.

  2. Forgiving oneself is I think the hardest to do. Also maybe we do take our covers with us and don’t know it, but if we did, I agree too that we need to now give them up and dance! Thank you guys!

  3. Love this! It’s easy to live in condemnation from things we did in the past but we should always remember that just like God forgave every one of those men of faith that you mentioned, He does the same for us and we can walk in His freedom knowing that with Him we can become all we are called to be.

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