Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 14!

Thank you all for helping us spread the word yesterday! The winner of our contest yesterday was the lovely and bird-adoring Catherine with whom I had the chance to have a really funny twitter conversation. 🙂 But all the entry names are still in my red jar and at the end of our 40 days I will pull them out for a special surprise – so stay tuned. 🙂 

I love the verse of the day today….

Jesus talks about stretching our hands. What strikes me about this verse is that He said nothing about our feet moving – just our hands reaching. Bloom where you are planted. Jesus asks us to. 

Despite the platform God gives you, it can be so easy to get caught up in wanting to be like someone else’s ministry. For me, I always admired missionaries. They so selflessly gave of their hearts, broke-open for Christ… putting away the comforts of home, of internet access, of family… doing all to the glory of Him who called them. But one thing you need to know about me is despite having grown up on a farm – I need my air conditioning! I am a horrible medic unless you need help birthing a cow. I am an even worse camper. Basically… I would royally-suck at being a missionary. 

I am a word girl. I live and breathe words. I live and breathe people… but put that next to digging a well in Africa – it seems small.

But when that makes me feel inadequate I remember that God did not call me to be a super-hero-rock-star missionary. He did not need me to dig that well. He called me to do what I do, right here, right now, no matter how small, to share Jesus with you… from right where I am. He called me to send out one tiny bucket, to draw up His Living Waters, to share them with the only thing I know how to… words. This is my offering to Him, to you. 

Isn’t it completely amazing that God equipped us so beautifully to serve from right where we’ve landed? I don’t think it was any accident that Dorothy’s house landed in Oz. It wasn’t by accident she met the scarecrow. It wasn’t by accident she realized she’d be better off home. Maybe this was God’s way of showing the girl from Kansas that Kansas was a fine place to bloom indeed.

Stretch forth they hand, He says. Lean out of your comfort zone from where you are. YOU are equipped for every good work. YOUR ministry matters. YOUR pulpit is bigger than you know. YOUR reach has more impact than you’ll ever guess. You’ve been called to be YOU for HIS purpose… no more, no less. And all of these things – why? Because YOUR Jesus called YOU, yes, YOU for the task at hand. Join me today in a daily movement… “I will serve I AM from where I am!


Our local churches do so much to stretch forth their hands to the hurting, the broken and the lonely. But ministry can get tiring. When I worked as a youth minister we talked a lot amongst ourselves about pastor-burn-out. It’s a specific term that covers EVERY area of ministry. From the preachers to the choir to the people in the pews, sometimes you just need someone to encourage you. And that’s where our dare comes in today… 

DAILY DARE: Email, snail mail or flat-out-tape a letter to the door of a local church that you do not attend. Thank them for all they do to show Jesus to the world and anything else that is on your heart. Keep it anonymous! Let them know they matter! 






8 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. This is SO what I needed to read this morning. Your words put a lot of things into perspective for me and the things I’m currently contemplating. This 40 day challenge has been a lot of fun. Now to decided where to send my letter today.😊

    • I’m so glad that you are enjoying the dares, Laurie. You are such a gem and I have so enjoyed getting to know you. I hope today brings you a lot of great and wonderful things. 🙂 God bless you!

  2. “Bloom where you are planted” … “Lean out of your comfort zone from where you are” … Lord help us to stop putting limits on our ability to reach further that we imagine we can. May the words that you give us reach further than ever before for your glory. Thanks Brooke xxx

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