Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 15!

Today we are going to switch things up… 

You all have had such creative ideas and I am so thankful for everyone who has shared their story, ideas and heart. You’ve inspired today’s dare… I am a little behind on comments today. Our Benji is welcoming a new molar.  When he feels bad he draws close. He knows my voice and he listens for it. He follows me around the house like dryer lint. 🙂

It reminds me of the kind of relationship that Jesus longs for us to have with Him…

Jesus wants us to draw close. He longs to talk to us … the question is “Do we listen?” Are we listening when we don’t need anything in particular? How many good things have we missed out on because we let the chaos of what everyone else wanted from us drown out the sound of what God wanted for our day? How many lives could have been changed by the ripples our skipping-stone made? How many hearts would have been broke open for Him? What double portion passed us by?

Jesus tells us in our red verse for today that His sheep listen to His voice but throughout the Bible we are also told that His sheep KNOW His voice. If anyone were to call you up on the phone right now that you weren’t really close with chances are you might have to ask who was calling… but if your daughter called, your best friend, your husband, your pastor – you wouldn’t have to ask. You’d know their voice because you had listened to it so intently for years. You’d know that voice… because you invested your heart in it.

When we think of God’s plan for our lives we really broaden the spectrum to extremes and that can be taxing. Yes… You’ve been sanctified for His purpose. He has a plan for your life. But it’s much more than one because JESUS HAS INVESTED HIS HEART IN YOUR LIFE. So much so that today has a plan. So much so that tomorrow has a plan. When we think of God’s plan as new every day… that leaves a lot of listening to do! 

Jesus wants His voice to be the common thread of your every day. He wants us to lean in close and that’s why He whispers. That’s why they call it the still small voice.

The same Savior who rose again wants to rise up to greet you each new day with His friendship, His grace, His voice.

Jesus has good plans for you… lean in close.

DAILY DARE: Take time to read some red words in the Bible today. Listen closely… and then get creative! What good thing does God want you to do today? Today is about following your heart and your Jesus. 

11 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. The ability to listen to His whispers, when I request lightening bolts instead. It’s a face-paced life. Remembering to take the time to be in His word, to hear His whispers and then do His will…thank you for that reminder. Hope your son feels better!

  2. I so long to hear His small, still voice. I know it is in the spirit to hear Him. I suffer from tinnitis 24/7 and often weep because I find it so hard to concentrate because of the constant noise in my ear and at times both ears and fogginess in my head … but; I am so thankful that even the deaf can ‘hear’ Him, the blind can ‘see’ Him, the lame can ‘walk’ with Him … physical limitations do not keep us from the power and knowledge and belief of The Living Word … our Lord Jesus. Praise God.

    • I am so sorry to hear that you suffer with Tinnitis. My MS effects my ear sometimes but everything is just muffled so I can only imagine how hard that must be. Thank you for sharing your struggles, Liana. I’m so glad that we can walk this road together. God bless you!

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